December 8th to 15th: Army Surplus for Free XP | News | Caliber is a team-based online game
December 8th to 15th: Army Surplus for Free XP

From December 8th to December 15th, the Army Surplus showcase will appear in Caliber for the first time, which will sell items for Free Experience!

The showcase will display containers with outfits, camouflages, executions, HQ backgrounds, emblems, and emotes from past events. Most importantly, containers have duplicate protection enabled, so you can be sure you can buy something new for your operators!

The Army Surplus duplicate protection works as follows:

The player receives items from the container as long as these items are not in their collection. If the player has all the items in the container, then the player is compensated for these items in credits.
Items available in containers for Free XP:
  • Customization items from Battle Passes 1 through 4;
  • customization items from the Echo of War II and Second Frontline events;
  • customization items previously available for sale for credits and coins;
  • some epic outfits: Elear for Koszmar, Koschei for Almaz, Anaconda for Monk, and Jaeger for Kurt.
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