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Spetsnaz of Belarus: features, weapons, and abilities

Spetsnaz of Belarus operators were introduced to Caliber players a long time ago, in September 2019. Their release was postponed several times for many reasons, and at some point, the developers even discussed canceling the collection. And only thanks to the persistent calls of the players to release the promised Belarusians, the collection does not vanish but appears in Caliber in version 0.13.0.

Version 0.13.0 is pre-holiday, and the new collection is long-awaited. And to give the promised to as many users as possible, one Spetsnaz of Belarus operator will get to all players for free and without any effort, and the other three can be obtained for gaming activities.

In this material, you can already take a closer look at your gifts.

Lazootchick, Assault

With his ability, Lazootchick disorients enemies and, depending on the situation, can either effectively retreat or counterattack. Maneuver creates a smokescreen around the Belarusian Assault for five seconds. It makes him invisible for 12 seconds: no marks appear above the operator, not even from the corresponding abilities of other characters. In the full upgrade, Maneuver also becomes a counter-ability: it removes all negative effects from Lazootchick.

The need to "play an infiltrator" is emphasized not only by Lazootchick’s callsign — meaning Infiltrator — but also by his special gear, a silent underbarrel grenade launcher with incendiary shells. When directly hitting an enemy, it deals 90 damage and inflicts the Burning effect of 10 damage per second for 4 seconds within a radius of 4 meters.

In the real world, the silent grenade launcher was created just for the more effective sabotage behind enemy lines. There are always two unmasking factors when shooting from any weapon: sound and flash. 

When developing Tishina, the task was to create such a grenade launcher that would allow the user to stealthily move to the shot distance, hit targets without revealing the position, and thereby avoid pursuit. Potential targets for saboteurs armed with Tishina were aircraft, missile launchers, lightly armored vehicles, fuel depots, and detection systems.

Zubr, Support

Contender for being the main tank among the support fighters in Caliber. Zubr is armed with the most powerful machine gun in the game, thanks to which he can be effective both in suppressing and in shooting dead enemies left with a small number of health points.

Zubr’s Foxhole ability is a powerful tool to contain and destroy enemy swarms in PvE and Frontline modes, but more of a situational one in classic Showdown and other PvP modes. By activating Foxhole, the operator is immobilized but receives 30% damage resistance. If you take the correct position and wait for him to fix the bipod, damage resistance increases to 80%. Thus, with proper interaction with a Medic during the action of Foxhole, Zubr can become virtually invulnerable for 12 seconds.

A feature of the Spetsnaz of Belarus collection is the accelerated Stamina Points recovery.

Kaval, Medic

The Medic capable of simultaneously restoring allies’ Hit Points and Armor Points. Kaval’s ability Suture instantly returns 15 Armor Points and 30 Hit Points to a partner or 23 Hit Points to himself. Kaval is a mobile Medic: he moves fast, spends little stamina, and can use the ability every 9 seconds.

Army medics and Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus, among other things, serve as part of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, where they provide and support a peacekeeping mission to resolve the conflict between Lebanon and Israel.

Busel, Marksman

Busel is an operator who can trade shots with other marksmen armed with bolt-action rifles and win. His main weapon deals 65 base damage, 131 headshot damage, and has 80% armor penetration. With relatively standard numbers of health and armor — 85 and 20, respectively — Busel’s Dodge ability gives him the Shielded effect for 55 points of durability when fully upgraded.

Another feature of Busel is the increased accuracy of hip shooting. The fifth improvement — Iron Sight — gives him the ability to hit the targeted point strictly without going into aiming mode. That is, the recoil will remain, but there will be no spread.

But that’s not all. Busel can support his team in a direct skirmish on a short, or almost literally get a trump card out of his sleeve if he suddenly finds himself without ammunition. After all, he has... a knife!

So, three startling facts about Busel’s special gear:

  • basic damage — 120, headshot damage — 180;
  • armor penetration — 100%;
  • ammunition load — 4 shots.
There is a myth or a deliberately created legend about the Secret Ballistic Knife of the KGB Special Forces. From the common-sense perspective, a silent single-shot weapon that shoots a large sharp metal object is absolutely redundant for an operator; it is more than obvious that there are small firearms with better performance. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine for what purposes ballistic knives could be developed for any governmental agency.

However, ballistic knives did exist and still do, but they were made rather by handicraft than large-scale production in the past. In the late 90s of the last century, there was even a certain fashion for them in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. Most of such knives were then made by the Czech company Jan Puda and, according to one version, the manufacturers themselves popularized the legend about the Secret Weapon.

Traditionally, the sights of the new collection:

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