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Final push: 2 levels of Common Cause and ten times more toys

One final push remains to complete Common Cause: collect toys to get the 16th event reward, the Recruiter Container. What’s going to happen with the previous two levels of event progress, you ask? They are already counted as passed! And the rewards for them — the Post-Soviet Blue
HQ background and the Frost epic outfit for Ded — have already been credited to the players’ accounts. This is our Old New Year present for you. Happy holiday!

And to ease your efforts and help you win your last Common Cause prize, we’ve increased the number of toys dropped in Onslaught, in rewards for Quests and Contracts, and in Special Offers for Coins.

The increased toy profitability will continue until the end of the Common Cause event — that is, until February 2nd.

What’s in Onslaught?

From January 12th to February 2nd, the profitability of toys increases tenfold in Onslaught mode on all difficulty levels. Thus:

  • In Onslaught on Fighter difficulty, each box contains 10 toys.
  • On Veteran difficulty, there are 20 toys in each box.
  • Legend difficulty brings 30 toys from per bot.
  • The number of toys awarded for eliminating Juggernaut remains the same, 30 toys.

The illustration shows the number of toys upon successful completion of the match and the collection of all awards by a team of 4 people playing without a Premium account, as well as the number of toys that go into the player’s personal credit.

Until February 2nd, Onslaught operates under the standard mode rules.

Сontracts, Tasks, and Special Offers

In addition, until February 2nd, the number of toys in rewards for completing Contracts and parts of the Weekly Task has been doubled, and the Christmas Kit special offer now contains 100,000 toys!

More details:

  • Common Cause Contracts will bring 50 toys each until February 2nd. The rules of Contracts remain the same: any 4 operators are sent to them; the duration of contracts for toys is 8 hours, and the time for their renewal is 8 hours too.
  • For completing parts of the Weekly Task before February 2nd, there are rewards of 100, 200, and 300 toys for the first, second, and third parts, respectively.
  • The new special offer Christmas Kit now contains 100,000 toys. Full purchase content: 100,000 event toys, 30 days of Premium, and 50,000 Credits.

Step on it! It’s the final push!

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