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Blitz in Onslaught: Short Sessions And Triple The Toys

The next mutator we’ll test in Onslaught is called Blitz. It reduces the total rounds and matches time, allowing you to earn more, including toys in the New Year event Common Cause.

Blitz Onslaught will run from December 29th to January 12th.

Blitz rules:

— The boxes contain three times as many toys:

  • Fighter Onslaught — 3 toys in a box per bot;
  • Veteran Onslaught — 6 toys in a box per bot;
  • Legend Onslaught — 9 toys per bot or an officer and 30 toys per Juggernaut.

— Bots carry boxes with them every even round and in the Evacuation task.

— By changing the key Parameters in the task-rounds, we reduced the time for completing them:

  • In the Escort task, the robot’s speed and escort radius are increased, and the damage resistance bonus is increased to 50%.
  • In the Interception task, instead of 2 cases, you need to deliver only 1.
  • In the Mine Defusal task, instead of 4 bombs, you need to defuse only 2.
  • In the Hacking task, the progress of Hacking moves 2 times faster.
  • In the Elimination task, the number of targets has been reduced from 4 to 2.
  • Also, the rule for bots is applied to all task-rounds: the opponents will take positions task objects instead of assaulting the players.
The illustration shows the number of toys during Blitz when the match is completed by a team of 4 people playing without a Premium account.
You can read about what the Onslaught mode is and why you need to collect toys in Caliber in the corresponding materials.

New Onslaught Mode: Rules and Rewards.

Common Cause: rules and rewards for the New Year’s event.
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