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Patch notes 0.14.0

Update 0.14.0 has a lot of new stuff: a collection of Swedish operators, Legendary outfits for the EZAPAC collection, Emotes, Executions, and Camouflages. This time, we divided the whole set of novelties into two events: the Fenrir’s Trail Battle Pass and the Defender of the Fatherland Day event. This way, every player — whether a PVP or PVE fan — has the opportunity to get new stuff in their collection.

But note that both the Battle Pass and the Holiday Event have unique properties.In the first case, you can complete the Battle Pass and get at least one operator of the new collection (and much more). In the second, enjoy the new gameplay in Onslaught and get, among other things, the exclusive HQ background.

How to play, where to play, and how many rewards to collect: it’s all up to you. What about changes? They are, as usual, in the patch note.

General changes
Added new penalties for repeated premature exits from battle: 30 minutes and 6 hours.

Added Fenrir’s Trail Battle Pass.

Added Defender of the Fatherland Day 2022 event.

Added the ability to exit the game during the final cutscene without punishment.

Added new tooltips during battle loading.

Changed the message about the mode ban in the game client.

Changed the access level to the Showdown mode. Now the mode is available to players of account level 0.

Onslaught. The bots in the final cutscene were replaced with the bots of the corresponding theater of operations where the battle took place.

Added the Peaceful Skies HQ background as a reward from the Defender of the Fatherland Day 2022 event.
Regenerative Materials skill:

— Regeneration rate changed from 2 Armor Points per second to 1 Armor Point per second.
— Armor restoration now starts if the operator hasn’t taken damage for 4 seconds.

PM secondary weapon: Increased ammo capacity by 1 magazine.


Headhunter ability:
— Increased Headshot damage from SVD primary weapon from 94 to 120 while the ability is active.— Decreased the spread of the SVD primary weapon while the ability is active.

Upgrade 5: 
— The upgrade now unlocks a Special trait: hits from the rifle while the ability is active makes the target Marked for 7 seconds.

SVD primary weapon:
— Increased Damage from 45 to 49.
— Increased Headshot Damage from 76 to 98.
— Reduced Armor Penetration from 60% to 55
— Increased Reload Speed from 3.3 to 3 seconds.
— Reworked the overall behavior of weapons when firing.


Breath Control ability renamed to Storm.

Increased the Rate of Fire of the primary weapon while the ability is active by 5%.

Increased the Recoil of the primary weapon while the ability is active by 25%.

22nd SpN

Support Kit

When respawning in Training mode and reviving the Banner ability at the same time, the Banner does not disappear, and the operator is teleported to the respawn zone.

Marksman Tien

Reduced Sprint speed from 4.7 meters per second to 4.5 meters per second.

Medic Karavai

Added Forester Epic Outfit, which will be available as part of the Fernir’s Path Battle Pass.


Assault Voron

Fixed the description of the primary weapon in the Legendary outfit.

Medic Bard

Fixed disabling the healing of allies when applying the Immunity to Healing effect on the operator themself.

Marksman Komar

Reduced the base cost of Sprint from 12 to 10 Stamina Points per second.

Increased the base duration of Piercing Shot from 6 to 8 seconds.

The Eleron special gear can now be destroyed. Added durability information to its description.


Assault volk

Added Claw Epic Outfit. The outfit is available in the paid Fernir’s Path Battle Pass.


Support Bourbon

Fixed the position of the special gear projectile during its flight.

Upgrade 10: Added information that special gear charges stick to surfaces.

Marksman Scout

The Flare ability icon has been changed.


Assault Perun

Piercing Shots ability: The primary weapon now fires in two-round burst mode while the ability is active.

Upgrade 9: Reduced damage bonus from +30% to +10%.


Support Stern

Upgrade 10: Added a debuff that reduces the damage radius of the explosion by 2 meters when the upgrade is active.


Support Prorok

Smoke Screen ability:
— Increased duration of the ability from 8 to 13 seconds.
— Increased smoke screen duration from 6 to 8 seconds.


Assault Sterling

Fixed the sound of firing the main weapon.


Marksman Vagabond

Manurhin MR 73 secondary weapon:
— Increased ammo capacity from 3 to 4 cylinders.
— Aiming speed increased by 30%.


Fixed rotation of the clock face in the Harpy Legendary outfit.

Support Hagana

Fixed a decrease in the ability’s cooldown after activation, subsequent revival, and pickup of the turret.

Medic Shersheret

Harpy Legendary outfit. Fixed the position of the operator’s hands in HQ.

Changed the reticle in the Harpy outfit.


Added Sand Devil Legendary outfits to the EZAPAC collection. The outfits can be purchased on the Caliber website.

Assault Faro

AG36 special gear with mines: 
— Mine activation after landing is now instant. 
— Explosion delay after beep increased from 0.5 sec to 1.1 sec.

Support Matador

Dense Fire Ability. The operator can no longer lock targets through smoke while the ability is active.

Marksman Diablo

Increased Sprint speed from 4.5 to 4.7 meters per second.

Inferno Ability: Increased damage from the Burning effect by headshots while the ability is active from 3 to 7 Hit Points per second.

Upgrade 8: Added a +1 HP per second bonus to headshot burning damage while the ability is active.

Primary weapon G36 ZN: increased rate of fire from 3.0 to 3.3 shots per second.

Diablo now sets enemy team members on fire if he hits a disabled enemy while the ability is active.

Belarusian SSO

PB and PM secondary weapons: increased ammo capacity from 3 to 4 magazines.

Assault Lazootchick

Fixed incorrect numerical value of the Armor Penetration parameter in the description of the primary weapon.

Added a sound signaling the end of the ability.

Kanareika CGLS primary weapon: smoothed reticle animation during shooting.

Support Zubr

Reduced health from 130 to 125 Hit Points. 

Foxhole ability: when using a bipod, the base defense bonus has been reduced from 75% to 70%.

Medic Kaval

Increased base Armor from 0 to 20.

Marksman Busel

Dodge ability: increased base duration from 3 to 4 seconds.

Maps, missions, and bots changes
The Shopping Mall map has been temporarily removed from the rotation of Special Operations.

The Amal Harbor map has been returned to the rotation of the Special Operations.

Onslaught improvements on all maps on Fighter and Veteran difficulty levels:
— Removed timers for all task rounds. The evacuation timer was not changed.
— On the Veteran difficulty level, the number of officers in each round has been reduced to one.

Onslaught is now played according to Blitz rules on all maps on Fighter and Veteran difficulty levels:
— In the Escort task, the robot’s speed and escort radius have been increased, and the damage resistance bonus has been increased to 50%.
— In the Interception task, instead of 2 cases, you need to deliver only 1.
— In the Mine Defusal task, instead of 4 bombs, you need to clear only 2.
— In the Hacking task, hacking progress is 2 times faster.
— Reduced the number of targets in the Elimination task from 4 to 2.
— The new rule for bots is applied to all task rounds: opponents now take positions near task objects and don’t advance on players.

Onslaught. On all maps on all difficulty levels, the spawn time of bots has been changed. The spawn time of each next bot is now selected randomly with an interval of 2 to 6 seconds.

Onslaught, Showdown, Hacking modes have been added to the new Forest map.

All Onslaught maps. Removed the Interception task (with chemicals) for the duration of the Defender of the Fatherland Day 2022 event.


Fixed a bug where the operator was respawning with incomplete Hit Points when reviving and respawning at the same time.

Palm Road

Frontline. Palm road. Fixed being able to get into a cover by climbing over another cover.

Frontline. Palm road. Fixed partial disappearance of bot markers and their movement into the walls after the appearance of the Heavy Fighter.

Frontline. The minimap on the loading screen now shows where officers spawn.


Replay mode. Hospital. Fixed being able to fly out of the map with a free camera.

Onslaught. Hospital. Fixed bot getting stuck in walls and doors.

Hacking, Onslaught. Hospital. Added the effect of breaking the windshield of the ambulance.

Hospital. Fixed hit effect on ambulance cart cover.

All modes. Hospital. Fixed textures not located close to each other.

All modes. Hospital. Fixed the light passing from the spotlight through the wall.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the bot passing through the fence at the beginning of the mission.

Clearing, Special Operation, Onslaught. Fixed bots getting stuck in walls and doors.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the operator being able to go through a fence after jumping over a cover.

All modes. Fixed being able to jump into cover.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the operator taking damage behind cover when the central gate explodes.

All modes. Fixed camera dropping into an object.

Clearing. Fixed bugs that caused the final mission not to be completed.

Clearing, Special Operation, Onslaught. Fixed bots getting stuck in walls and doors.

Shopping Mall

All modes. Shopping Mall. Fixed camera behavior when approaching a corner of an opening.

All modes. Shopping Mall. Fixed gap between wall textures.


Added Onslaught mode on the Caravanserai map.

Fixed first-person camera transition when approaching some objects.

Caravanserai. Clearing, Special Operation. The capture rule was changed at the final point: bots running to the capture point will not reset progress but will pause it.

All modes. Caravanserai. Fixed the operator moving into the texture of one of the covers when approaching it point-blank.

All modes. Caravanserai. Fixed visibility of attachable throwables through thin cover and the possibility to destroy them from the other side.

Caravanserai map. Increased the timer of the bomb lying on the hood of the car.

Clearing, Special Operation. Caravanserai. Added an ammo crate symbol to the minimap.


Hacking. Village. The Hacking Tool is shown in yellow on the minimap.

Clearing. Special Operation. Village. Fixed Kit’s mines dropping in textures.

Amal Harbor

Amal Harbour. Fixed decals and sounds of hits on the concrete pillar and iron lockers.

Fixed being able to jump under the map in all modes on the Amal Harbor map.

Al-Malik Hotel

Clearing. Reduced the damage of the Gunner bot behind bunkers.

Frontline. The minimap on the loading screen now shows where officers spawn.

Object 903

Clearing. Fish tank defense stage:
— Changed the location of the bots spawning behind the door at the fish tank.
— Rocketeers are replaced with Shooters.
— There is only one Marksman per segment now.

Onslaught. Fixed shooting through the wall.

Frontline. The minimap on the loading screen now shows where officers spawn.


Special Operation. Dam. Fixed being able to get into a car after vaulting over the cover.

Showdown. Dam. Fixed being able to get inside a cover when vaulting over another cover.

Hacking. Fixed pixel-shots under the bodies of exploded vans.

Replay mode. Fixed being able to fly out of the map with a free camera.


Replay mode. Fixed being able to fly out of the map with a free camera.

All modes. Fixed the ability to get into textures.


All modes. Depot. Fixed glass decals on wooden window frames.

Frontline. Depot. Fixed spawning of Medic bots from Karkhad theater of operations.

Hacking. Ranked Battles. Depot. Fixed installation of special gear into textures.

Hacking. Depot. Fixed the operators getting into hacking terminal textures.

Onslaught: Mayhem. Depot. Fixed being able to resupply from high ground.

Onslaught. Depot. Fixed being able to get into the fence texture.

All modes. Depot. Fixed textures disappearance while slowly peeling off objects.

Added covers in Hacking mode at Terminal B.

Shootable gaps under the wagons in the center of the map are closed.

The minimap on the loading screen now shows where officers spawn in the Frontline mode.

Fixed the display of portraits of Epic / Legendary outfits of other players when opening the statistics window in battle.

The Hacking icon in Ranked Battles has been replaced with the icon designed specifically for Ranked Battles, and the tutorial screens have been corrected.

Fixed overlapping icons of Boosters, Medals, and Premium on the player’s emblem when pressing the Skip button on the post-battle statistics screen.
Changed sounds for the following handguns: PM, Glock 17 ,Glock 18, Glock 19, Glock 26, SR-1M, MP-443, USP (including silencer), P226 (including silencer), P226 Magnum.
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