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Defender of the Fatherland Day 2022 event: Rules and Rewards

Defender of the Fatherland Day will take place in the game with new mechanics in Onslaught mode and exclusive rewards. From February 22nd to March 9th, participate in the special event with new gameplay in Onslaught mode and get a lot of rewards, including the new HQ background dedicated to the occasion.

New gameplay in Onslaught

During the February event in Onslaught, the Field Bonuses mechanic appears on all difficulty levels. Field Bonuses are consumable one-use items that activate something useful in battle. Bonuses drop out after eliminating bots, and to use them, you must first pick them up. You can activate the Field Bonus at any time during a level in Onslaught.

Types of Bonuses

During the event in Onslaught, you can find 2 types of bonuses: Offensive and Supporting. Offensive Field Bonuses affect the AI-controlled enemies. Supporting Field Bonuses increase damage resistance, restore Hit Points, replenish ammo, and even allow you to self-revive!

Offensive Bonuses

Artillery Barrage. Two seconds after activating the Bonus, a mortar barrage begins. It deals 70 damage and is most likely to hit the largest cluster of bots on the map.

Short Circuit. Opponents across the map are Marked for 60 seconds and Stunned for 4 seconds. Bots that spawn on the map after the bonus activation will also receive the Marked effect until the Bonus expires.

Demoralization. Activating this Bonus increases incoming damage to bots by 30% and their weapon spread, and destroys all their Armor Points. The Bonus lasts for 30 seconds and also affects the newly-spawned Enemies.

The only condition that makes it impossible to activate an Offensive Bonus is when there are no bots on the map.
Supporting Bonuses

Medipak. For 30 seconds, all allies regenerate 6 Hit Points per second. Also, during this buff, any operator can perform a self-revival (similar to the ability of Sterling, Assault of TFB).

Survival Kit. When the Bonus is activated, all allies gain 30% Damage Resistance and are immune to Poisoned and Burning effects. The Bonus lasts 40 seconds.

Second Wind. For 60 seconds, all operators gain increased Movement Speed, 15 Stamina per second for 30 seconds, and a one-time Shielded effect with Durability of 75.

Weapon Adaptations. For 60 seconds, applies the Concentration effect to all allies, which increases the rate of fire and reload speed and reduces the spread and recoil of weapons.

Special Gear Supply. When activated, it replenishes Special Gear and ammo in full for all allies and increases Armor Penetration of lethal Special Gear up to 100% within 60 seconds.

Field Bonus effects apply to all players. Thus, it doesn’t matter who owns what, especially if you play as a cohesive team or interact with each other using voice communication.

Field Buff Features

Field Bonuses are dropped in every defense round (that is, every even-numbered round). The number of Bonuses within one round is limited: at Fighter difficulty level, 4 Bonuses drop out in one round, on Veteran and Legend difficulties, 3 Bonuses per round.

One player can carry only one Bonus at a time.

When a Bonus is dropped, it remains on the map until picked up, but no longer than 2 rounds. That is, until the next round of defense. Players can carry the same Bonuses but cannot stack their effects: if you activate the same effect while one of the same is active, it will cancel the effect of the previous one. Bonuses of the different types can be active at the same time.

Bonus Controls
E — pick up Bonus;

T (press) — use Bonus;

T (hold) — drop Bonus;

F1 — hint for Bonuses.
Try playing Onslaught with Field Bonuses on Legend difficulty, the most lucrative one during the event. Combining various Bonuses can make the tasks much easier and increase your chances of winning.

Event Currency and Rewards

For the duration of the event, a temporary Currency, Tokens, appears in Caliber. They can be earned by winning Onslaught or by completing daily and weekly tasks. Tokens are needed to launch special Contracts with event rewards and to open additional slots in reward Containers.

Rewards in Tokens for completing Onslaught
['Difficulty', 'Tokens for victory']
['Fighter', '30']
['Veteran', '90']
['Legend', '500']
Composite Tasks Chapter Rewards

The rewards for completing the chapters of the two Composite Tasks are Credits, Event Tokens, and Containers with Camouflages and Animations. Each Container has five slots. The player can choose any one of the offered rewards and receive it for free. The rest of the rewards can be unlocked with Event Tokens.


Completing the third and final chapter of the Composite Task, which takes place in the second week of the event, will reward players with a unique Defender of the Fatherland Day 2022 emblem.

First Composite Task rewards:

  • Chapter 1: 3500 Credits, 150 Tokens.
  • Chapter 2: 4500 Credits, 150 Tokens, Container with Camouflages of your choice.
  • Chapter 3: 5000 Credits, 150 Tokens, Container with Animations of your choice.

Second Composite Task rewards:

  • Chapter 1: 3500 Credits, 150 Tokens, Container with Camouflages of your choice.
  • Chapter 2: 4500 Credits, 150 Tokens, Container with Animations of your choice.
  • Chapter 3: 5000 Credits, 150 Tokens, exclusive Event Emblem.
Event Contracts Rewards

To get the most valuable rewards, you will need to send a team of operators to special one-time Contracts that will last 24 hours and cost 4000 Tokens each. There are two such contracts. For completing the first one, players will receive a new Flask emote for all operators, and for the second one, a new HQ background Peaceful Skies.

Two more event contracts will be recurring. They can be launched every two hours.

And yes, in the Special Offers section of the game client, Defender of the Fatherland kits will become available during the event. Those are special items containing Tokens and Containers with Animations and Camouflages. There will be four levels of kits, but each next one becomes available only after purchasing the previous one.

We wish you good impressions! And — see you in battle!

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