The 2nd of March Hotfix | News | Caliber is a team-based online game
The 2nd of March Hotfix

During scheduled Caliber servers maintenance on March 2nd, we made several changes and fixes to the game.

— Hooligans Legendary Outfits for the TFB collection became available in the game client for coins.

— Fixed Starkaðr’s axe melee hit recognition. This is especially noticeable with AI-controlled enemies, opponents in Legendary Outfits, and when playing with high ping values.

— The Forest map in Onslaught will now appear more frequently.

— Fixed an issue where Vagabond’s Ability would not trigger when shooting an incapacitated enemy.

— Fixed an issue that caused Diablo to set enemies on fire through walls.

— Fixed Odin the AMF Support’s grenade launcher Reload Time.

— Fixed an issue where Freyr the AMF Medic would remove debuffs on allies that they inflicted on themselves by activating their Abilities.

— Freyr’s Special Gear now restores Stamina as described.

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