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Update 0.14.2: patch note

With Update 0.14.2, we will add new content to Caliber and rebalance some operators. Specifically, this version includes Frontline mode on the Shopping Mall map, a new season of Ranked Battles, a new showcase of items for Fragments, and a whole new game mode and a marathon in it (they will be pre-installed on March 30th and start on April 6th).

Also in this version, the Field Bonuses special mechanic returns to Onslaught permanently, the first-ever outfit for the Recruit appears, and the AMF collection and the Strelok, the Marksman of the Vympel collection, are rebalanced.

Added info about the damage changing depending on the shooting distance to the description of all operators’ weapons.


Added outfit Nico Veslo for Recruit Marksman.

22nd SpN

Medic Karavai

Fixed the display of weapons on the operator’s back in the Forester Epic Outfit.


Marksman Strelok

VSS primary weapon:
— Increased the rate of fire from 8.5 to 11 shots per second.
— Reduced damage from 25 to 20.
— Reduced head damage from 48 to 38.
— Increased cooldown from 3 to 3.8 seconds.
— Halved horizontal and vertical recoil.
— Significantly simplified shooting control.


Medic Watson

Added the Striker Epic Outfit.

Fixed a bug in the ability’s operation when, with the Stay Frosty skill installed, an operator could move before Watson’s ability expired.


Support Bastion

Fixed animation of reloading when the ability is activated.

Marksman Vagabond

The ability is fixed; it deals the damage to the enemies when hitting a killed enemy.


Fixed the position of the handgun in the holster in the Sand Devil outfit.

Assault Faro

Added a unique icon for the special gear in the Sand Devil Legendary Outfit.

Fixed description of modules in the Sand Devil Legendary Outfit.

Fixed special gear reload animation in the Sand Devil Legendary Outfit.


Fixed display of stock camouflages on weapons.

Fixed display of special gear and weapons in the personalization window.

Assault Starkaðr

Fixed axe damage registration in melee.

Fixed allies crashing out of combat at the moment of ability activation during being killed by an AI-controlled opponent.

Fixed being able to switch to weapons during ability activation.

Berserkr ability: reduced the maximum duration of the ability from 9 to 8 seconds.

Fixed animations looping the reload of the primary weapon while the ability is activated.

Fixed being able to switch to weapons while Starkaðr’s ability is active with the Stay Frosty skill installed.

Support Odin

Fixed the projectile’s position in the hand-held grenade launcher.

Fixed location of the special gear in the personalization window.

Reduced base health from 100 to 90 health.

Marked debuff can now be removed with smoke or immunity to Marked.

Fixed the ability applying to targets that are within the ability radius but higher than the operator.

Medic Freir

Fixed the rotation radius of the special gear in the customization window.

Marksman Víðarr

Fixed the rotation radius of the special gear in the customization window.

Fixed missing feet during cutscene playback.

Rovdjur drone special gear:
— Reduced base inventory from 2 drones to 1 drone.
— The drone now aims faster, making it possible to hit targets at a distance of 4 meters.
— Reduced flight speed by 12%.

Ak 417 primary weapon :
— Reduced armor penetration from 60% to 55%.
— Increased recoil by 15%.

Maps, missions, and bots changes
Fixed throwable items moving to the center of the map if they were attached to an AI-controlled opponent that went into a non-playable area.

Onslaught, Veteran difficulty: decreased AI-controlled opponents spawn time.

Added a new game mode Interception available from April 6th to April 20th.

Field Bonuses in Onslaught mode are now available permanently.

Frontline. Fixed an issue where picked up intel would not drop from the operator when killed.

Onslaught. Legend. Fixed data transfer duration.

Onslaught. Included tasks with chemicals cases.

Palm Road

Clearing. Stormy weather. Fixed the AI-controlled opponent going through the wall on the roof in the final part of the mission.


Fixed places where the operator walked through the air

Fixed the corner of the stairs where throwable items would fall through under the map.

Onslaught. Legend. Fixed the objective AI-controlled opponent that could not be executed after being eliminated.

Shopping Mall

Added Frontline mode.

Fixed the inscription on the panel through which the gate to the room with the pilot opens.


Onslaught. Fixed blur on the evening final cutscene.

Onslaught. Fixed numerous Chemists spawning during the evacuation phase.

All modes. Fixed bipod placement places for some cover.

Onslaught. The evacuation zone on the second floor has been fixed, its borders have been removed.

All modes. Fixed the covers through which it was possible to deal damage to the protruding arms of the operators.


Onslaught. Village. Artillery Barrage no longer hits AI-controlled opponents in spawn rooms.

Amal Harbor

Onslaught. Legend. Fixed the task where it was not necessary to execute the objective AI-controlled opponents.

Onslaught. Amal Harbor. Fixed the objective AI-controlled opponent possible to kill in a place inaccessible to the player where he can’t be executed.

Al-Malik Hotel

Special Operation. Fixed a bug where the player could not move to the second floor if they executed an enemy.

Showdown. Frontline. Fixed offset collision of the concrete shelter in the center of the map

Clearing. Special Operation. Fixed chair collision blocking the AI-controlled opponent from being shot on the second floor of the hotel.


All modes. Fixed hit effects when shooting at metal wall surfaces.

Onslaught. Fixed throwable items getting into the non-playable area.

All modes. Removed the pixelated bullet holes.

All modes. Fixed ammunition replenishment from the container while standing on a cover.

Clearing, Special Operation, Onslaught. Fixed moving inside the flower bed if descending from it slowly.

Special Operation. Fixed camera transition to first-person view when approaching a container.

Clearing. The AI-controlled opponents can no longer go behind operators’ backs.

Special Operation. Fixed the jump zone inside the building where damage was dealt after jumping off.


Onslaught. Fixed evacuation zone. Now, if operators are on high ground, evacuation also counts.

All modes. Fixed being able to jump off the edge of the bridge.

Onslaught. Fixed the ammo box that partially went into the ground.

All modes. Added installation of bipods on the porch of the house.

Onslaught. Crossing. Fixed the appearance of the AI-controlled opponents on the bell tower.

Onslaught. Legend. Village. Fixed the task that required two bombs to be defused instead of four.


All modes. Fixed the movement of SSO Support Sputnik’s drone along the railway tracks.

Onslaught. Fixed getting into cover by climbing.

Frontline. Fixed objects near white documents that could be passed through.

All modes. Fixed being able to fully climb into the vehicle next to the railcars.


Showdown. Fixed the duration of the round and the appearance of the neutral point.

Onslaught. Removed the display of the evacuation zone during the final cutscene.

Onslaught. Fixed objects that could be entered by vaulting.

AI / Bots
Onslaught. The AI-controlled opponents stopped hiding behind destroyed covers.

Fixed grenades floating in the air when knocked out of the AI-controlled opponents’ hands.
AMF Support Odin. Fixed errors in the main ability description.

EZAPAC Support Matador. Fixed the error in the description of the main weapon in the Sand Devil outfit.

AMF Medic Freyr. Fixed errors in the description of the special gear.

Operators. AMF Support Odin. Fixed primary weapon damage description.
Recruits. In the Customization window, Emotes have been added to the list:
— Party Sounds
— Prepare Crackers!
— Old School Boxing
— Tea Party
— Gas Alert
— Hats Off
— Rockstar

Added the ability to view the results of past Ranked Battles seasons (starting from the second season).
Added a visual display of the ability’s unavailability for the ability icon.

Added a disappearance timer for all temporary throwables.

Added a text notification about being unable to pick up a case/Intel/Field Bonuses if the item slot is occupied.

Added a visual display of the inability to use a Field Bonus when there are no AI-controlled opponents on the map to the icon.
Added Canteen animation sound.

Added sound effects for Emotes and Executions on the animation selection screen.

Added sound to the Shoulder Throw execution.

Added an opening sound for the Container slot with operators in the Battle Pass.

Added sound for the C4 special gear planting.

Showdown. Shopping Mall. Fixed duplicate helicopter sound.

Onslaught. Veteran. Depot. Fixed the last bomb defusal notification.

Special Operation. Emir Residence. Fixed the radio noise in the voice alert when the AI-controlled opponent activates the bomb timer.
General Changes
Penalties for leaving the match early and leaving a match while loading the battle in Ranked Mode changes:
— A player gets −1 rank point for leaving the match prematurely, regardless of the outcome of the battle.
— Leaving the match while the battle is loading is punishable by a progressive ban from the game mode.

Added the showcase of items for Ranked Battles Tokens.

Fixed the gaining of the Shoulder Throw Execution for the completed level of the Battle Pass: now Execution is issued for the AMF collection.

Removed Diamond league in Ranked Season 5.

Added Showcase Fragment Exchange.

Replays. Disabled display of information on the F2 button.

Removed the offer to return to battle after exiting the cutscene.

The fifth Ranked Season has been added.

Added Marathon in Interception mode. It will be held from 06.04 to 27.04.22

Onslaught added to the list of game modes for the Win In A Mode daily task.
Fixed the display of the smoke effect relative to its center; the density of the smoke increased.

The effects of bursting smoke and gas grenades became more natural.

The smoke trail from tracers has been improved, it has become more detailed and nat.
Fixed Starkaðr’s throwable axe and the ball in the 3-Point emote being heavily blurred when blur is enabled in the game settings.

3-Point emote: The ball now bounces off operators.

Added the Good Game! emote.

Added the Russian Roulette emote.
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