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Interception mode: Rules and Details

From April 6th to April 27th, the new Interception mode will become available in Caliber. This is the first version of competitive PvP mode with a ton of new features. During the two weeks when the mode is available, active players will be able to participate in the Ahead of the Others marathon with exclusive rewards.

This article describes the rules of Interception. The rules of marathon and its rewards can be found in a separate article.

Interception is a PvP mode that features two teams of 4 players. Each team’s objective is to capture cases with intel and upload intel to the enemy servers. A match lasts 10 minutes or until one of the teams makes two uploads to the enemy servers.

The new game mode is open to all players who have reached account level 11.

In order to explain the rules of Interception, we will look at each stage of the match individually in chronological order. This way it will be somewhat easier to understand the mass of details.

Landing zones and respawn areas

As usual, it all starts with the landing. For now, all Interception matches will take place only on the Al-Malik Hotel map, and the spawn locations of the teams remain the usual, at the two ends of the map. But there are some details.

  • The team spawns here at the start of the match, and after being executed the operators also respawn here.
  • While in the respawn area, the player and their allies are invulnerable.
You can see the indicators of active buffs: Invulnerability and Accelerated Stamina Regeneration above the operator in the respawn area if you aim at an operator.

You can see the indicators of active buffs: Invulnerability and Accelerated Stamina Regeneration above the operator in the respawn area if you aim at an operator.

  • Operators regenerate Stamina faster in the respawn area.
  • The player cannot return to the respawn area after leaving it.
After leaving the safe area, players remain invulnerable for 2 seconds more.
Landing zone 

Landing zone 


15 seconds after landing, a case with intel appears on the map in one of the three possible locations. The objective of each team is to capture the case and use it to upload data to the enemy server. But there are some details.

  • After someone picks up the case, a 90 seconds countdown starts. During this time, the case with intel must be delivered to the server and the upload should begin.
  • Should another team intercept the case, its countdown resets to the initial 90 seconds.
  • The case can be dropped to the ground, but picking it up by an ally does not extend or reset the case’s countdown.
  • The case will self-destruct when the countdown ends.
  • If the case self-destructs, a new one spawns in 15 seconds.
  • You cannot Sprint while carrying the case.
Press the E key to pick up the case. Hold the T key to drop it.
Intelligence case spawn point

Intelligence case spawn point

Intel upload

It is not enough just to intercept a case to gain a score in a match. It is necessary to bring it to one of the servers and upload the intel. But there are some details.

  • There are two servers for each team. Both are on the opposite from the landing zone side of the map, closer to the enemy respawn area.
  • When the case is carried by one of the players, the rest of the match participants, both allies and opponents, receive a notification on which server the intel needs to be uploaded to.
  • The upload process takes 4 seconds. At this time, the case countdown stops. That is, even if the case countdown shows less than 4 seconds, server hacking is still possible.
Server locations.
All points of interest on the map, including ammo crates.


In Interception mode, the elimination of a player does not lead to the exclusion of them from the battle until the end of the match; each player participates in the competition until one of the teams wins. But there are some details.

  • Respawn after death is one of the key features of the new game mode. If an operator runs out of Hit Points, they drop into the Incapacitated state. From that moment on, a 15-second countdown starts, after which the player can choose whether to respawn in the landing zone or wait for a revival by an ally.
Respawn is activated by holding the R key.
  • If an operator has been executed, additional 10 seconds are added to the countdown. After this time, the operator will automatically respawn in the landing zone.
  • Respawn does not replenish special gear, nor does it deactivate mines placed by the operator.
  • Stamina is not replenished upon respawn.
  • On respawn, operators fully replenish their revival kits.
Respawning while incapacitated becomes available after 15 seconds.
Respawn is activated by holding the R key.
Execution increases the respawn timer by 10 seconds.
In this version of Interception, there is no way to replenish special gear. After the Marathon, we’ll post a survey about your experience with the mode and assess the need for improvements based on the feedback.

Extra time

If the score remains equal after 10 minutes of the match, extra time starts. During this time, the rules remain the same. But there are some details.

  • If the normal time of the match has expired, but one of the teams is still trying to deliver the case to the server, the match continues as usual.
  • Extra time starts if there is no case with a running countdown on the map, the normal time of the match has expired, and the teams have scored an equal score. In this case, the last case spawns on the map.
  • The last case's countdown does not reset when it is intercepted by another team.
  • If the case is not captured within 60 seconds, the match ends in a draw. If the case is captured, but the intel is not uploaded to the server, the match also ends in a draw.


Each intel upload to the server brings rewards in Credits and XP.

Rules without details

If you have read up to this point and could not memorize all the details and features of Interception the first time, we have a cheat sheet from the Recruit. With no details.

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