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A new game in the Caliber universe
This news article was posted on Caliber info resources as an April's Fool's joke. We decided to leave it as is to avoid breaking the links in social media and other sites where this innocent prank managed to get to.

As part of the Caliber promotion campaign in Asian countries, 1C Games Studios will release a mobile game Recruiting Agency based on its online shooter. The developers' new product is a visual novel with a non-linear narrative distributed as an extremely free-to-play game.

The game's plot tells the story of a rookie in the Caliber company, the Recruit, who, after several months of hard training still hasn't received an invitation to join any one of the fireteams. Desperate, the Recruit decides to create his own independent clan of Caliber soldiers which would accept only the operators with the best statistics.

On the way to his goal, the Recruit, together with the player, will meet many characters from the original game, immerse in the Caliber lore, visit new locations, make friends and associates, while the most skilled word warriors will even meet the love of their life! In the end, the Recruit will certainly get what he wants. But how happy he will be will depend on many decisions along the way to the end credits of the game.Game's key features:

  • Original non-linear plot with the main and secondary quests;
  • Realistic dialogues;
  • Modern graphics, animations, and special effects;
  • High frame rate and instant downloads on any device.

Recruiting Agency visual novel is undergoing the final stage of testing. The release will take place on April, 31st in China, Japan, South Korea, and the CIS countries.

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