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Current penalties for leaving the battle early

Caliber has a system of penalties for players leaving the battle before it ends. When leaving early, such a player is temporarily restricted access to the mode in which the violation occurred.

An early exit is a situation when a player entered a match and then left it before the start of the final cutscene for one of the following reasons:

  • Connection loss and stopping the client by the player. Such situations include disconnection from the Internet, forced shutdown of the game or PC, power outage, and so on.
  • Exiting the battle through the game interface (ESC → Leave the battle).

After leaving early, the player has three minutes to return to the battle and avoid receiving a penalty for the violation.

Penalties in Ranked Battles
In update 0.14.2, the penalties for leaving a match early and leaving a match while loading a battle have been changed:

  • For leaving the match early, the player receives −1 Rank Point regardless of the result of the battle, as well as a temporary ban from the mode.

  • Leaving a match while loading a battle is punishable by a progressive mode access restriction (see chart).

  • Disqualification from a match for killing allies also entails the removal of 1 Rank Point.

  • The player receives similar penalties if they are disqualified for incapacitating allies.


    • The system does not count exiting the Frontline mode if a player leaves the match after their operator was eliminated. However, the penalty is applied for leaving the Frontline before the player’s operator is eliminated (executed). Always check the Exit button to know if you can leave the battle without penalties: if it turned green, you can.
    • Ban occurs automatically after the end of the battle in which the violation occurred.
    • If at least one player in the team has an active ban in any mode, the mode restriction applies to the entire team.
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