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Victory Day 2022: Event Rules and Rewards

From April 27th to May 18th, Caliber will hold a new in-game event, Victory Day 2022.

The event is based on the Common Cause, a Battle Pass variety where progress is collective: each milestone is achieved by joint efforts, and each reward is awarded to all the Caliber players.

There are 16 Common Cause reward-bringing levels in the Inexhaustible Valor event. Some of the rewards were made specifically for this event, and some are the usual Credits, Coins, Free XP, and Recruiter Container with a random operator as a reward for reaching the last milestone.

All Common Cause rewards by level

  • Exclusive event Emblems Container;
  • Defense mode reserves, 10 pieces of each type;
  • 2 Victory Day event Camo Containers;
  • The Weapon of Victory HQ background;
  • 2 event Emote containers;
  • 30,000 Credits;
  • 2 event Execution containers;
  • 25,000 Free XP;
  • Standard-Bearer Epic Outfit for Tien, marksman of 22 SpN;
  • 5 event Camo containers;
  • 50,000 Credits;
  • 5 event Emote containers;
  • 500 Coins;
  • 4 event Execution containers;
  • 1000 Coins;
  • Recruiter container.
Emote, Execution, and Camo Containers include customization items from both current and past Victory Day events.

How it works

For the Common Cause to advance, players need to earn special event currency, Red Stars. Red Stars can be obtained in all the game modes and for completing daily and weekly tasks and contracts. Starting from the second week of the event, Red Stars can be purchased in the Special Offer section of the Victory Day Showcase.

In Defense, Showdown, Frontline, and Ranked Battles, Red Stars are obtained for winning a match:

  • Defense: 60 Red Stars (+10 bonus Red Stars for your character’s successful evacuation);
  • Ranked Battles: 40 Red Stars;
  • Showdown: 30 Red Stars;
  • Frontline: 30 Red Stars.

In Clearing, Special Operation, and Onslaught, Event Currency is dropped by the bots. Red Stars literally spawn on the battlefield, and must be picked up by players for them to be counted in the match results.

Pick up Red Stars in Clearing, Special Operation, and Onslaught after eliminating Assaults, Gunners, Shooters, and Officers.

Try to earn as many Red Stars as possible. At the end of Victory Day 2022, the remaining Event Currency in your account will be converted into Credits.

Conversion rate will be published shortly. Stay tuned!

Depending on the mode, the number of Red Stars varies:

Clearing: 1 Red Star per bot;

Special Operation: 2 Red Stars per bot;

Fighter Onslaught: 1 Red Star per bot;

Veteran Onslaught: 2 Red Stars per bot;

Legend Onslaught: 3 Red Stars per bot or officer.

In all modes except Legend Onslaught, there will be 20 bots carrying Red Stars. On the highest difficulty level of Onslaught, 40 bots carry Red Stars.

An important point! Regardless of who took them, gathered Red Stars are credited to all players. That is, if you go through Clearing with four people and pick up all 20 boxes, 80 Red Stars will go to the Common Cause.

If a player has Premium account, they will double the Red Stars they earned and add them to the Common Cause.
Inexhaustible Valor progresses the fastest when playing in Defense mode, even though the reward for winning Onslaught on Legend difficulty is higher.

It’s all about the difference in the percentage of wins and the duration of matches in these modes.

Red Stars in contracts

During the Inexhaustible Valor event, four new contracts will appear. Contracts need any 4 operators to complete. The duration of common contracts is 8 hours and 4 hours for Premium-contracts. Contracts refresh after 24 hours.

The difference between the contracts lies in profits and the launch cost.

  • Free XP Contract costs 2000 Free XP and brings you 50 Red Stars.
  • Materials Contract costs 100 Secret Drafts materials and brings you 50 Red Stars.
  • Credits Contract costs 1000 Credits and brings you 50 Red Stars.
  • Premium Event Contract is available only to Premium-account holders, costs 500 Credits, and brings 250 Red Stars.
Don’t forget to return to the game to collect completed Contracts rewards!

Red Stars in tasks

Daily and weekly tasks will also bring Red Stars to the Common Cause.

Red Stars in the store

Red Stars can be bought at the Victory Day Showcase and in the Special Offers in the game client. Purchasing Red Stars will become available starting from the second week of the event.

In Special Offers, Containers will include not only Red Stars but also event Customization items. New Special Offers will appear as you purchase current ones.

Victory Day rating

During the Inexhaustible Valor event, all players automatically participate in the rating of the best players by the number of Red Stars earned. To get into the rating, you need to earn at least 2000 Red Stars.

The rating takes into account the number of Red Stars credited for battles to a personal account. Premium-account Red Stars coefficient is taken into account.

By earning Red Stars, the player moves up the rating and receives rewards for new places: Credits, Free XP, Premium account days. The reward is credited instantly upon reaching any prize place.

Once on one of the three tops of the rating: thousandth, hundredth, and tenth places, the player receives a unique event emblem:

  • Emblem for Top-1000: Victory Day 2022: Red Army Man;
  • Emblem for Top-100:Victory Day 2022: Guards Soldier;
  • Emblem for Top-10: Victory Day 2022: Hero of the Defense.

Also, we’ll have fireworks!

And what Victory Day can go without fireworks? Definitely not ours!

Each player can launch real holiday fireworks on the entire server!

Three types of fireworks can be found in the Victory Day showcase: one-color, multicolored, and signed. When buying, any of them falls into the general queue and starts as soon as its time comes. Signed fireworks are also accompanied by the nickname of the player who launched it and a holiday message from him.

Happy Victory Day! See you in battle!

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