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Summer-Fall 2022 Roadmap


Thanks for all your questions about the future of the game. We’ve read all of your messages and see that you’re interested not only in our nearest plans but also in long-term development perspectives. So we decided to share a little bit of Caliber’s roadmap for the coming.

Here is the list of in-game events for summer and fall of 2022:

  • New PvP Tournament will take place in the second part of June. Competitors will contend for in-game and real-life prizes. Stay tuned for more info!
  • New game version 0.16.0 in June or July. There’ll be new operators from one of the Eastern countries and new kind of Battle Pass. In this new Battle Pass players can choose their rewards including the final reward — operator they get at the end of the path.
  • July — November — revamped balance and economics. From the middle of the summer, work on new operators will be paused and we’ll work heavily on different in-game improvements. 

    Operators, their weapon, abilities and skills will be reworked. Game balance and synergy between different operators will be changed too. Game economics will be improved — there’ll be fewer types of materials, containers will work differently and premium will grant some new benefits..
  • Fall. Personal statistics screen will be implemented to better control your in-game progress.
  • Also during the fall, custom game lobbies will be added to Caliber. Gather your trusted comrades-in-arms and start your own personal tournament! Or practice and improve your skill for Ranked matches!

Of course the list is not exhaustive - there’ll be a lot more. Events, marathons and other exciting activities await! Stay tuned!

See you in the game!

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