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Hotfix May 4th

During the scheduled game servers’ maintenance we made some fixes and improvements.

General changes

1. Red Stars can now be purchased in the Victory Day Showcase. Event containers are available in the Special Offers section of the game client.

2. Beard textures for Odin and Starkadr Woodwards legendary outfits are fixed.

3. Main weapon reloading sound effect added for Vidarr Woodwards legendary outfit.

4. Weapon sights are not changing size now when the screen resolution is changed.

5. Bots in Onslaught mode are now dropping Red Star only in the last round and during evacuation.

Defense mode

1. New sound effects and voice lines added:

  • Sound effect for bots taking damage from Ptitsa’s barbed wire.
  • Sound effect for gaining new Special trait level.
  • Revival sound.
  • Friendly bot in ‘Rescue the prisoner’ mission is voiced now.

2. Shalnoi assault. Main weapon reloading speed increased but Special trait progress is no longer boosting reloading speed now.

3. Water surface cannot be set aflame now.

4. Fixed the bug when failed secondary objective icon was visible until the end of the match.

5. Map on the loading screen was updated, new ammo crate icon added.

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