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New customization items showcase

In Update 0.16.0, the game client’s Store will introduce a showcase with customization items, which will be updated regularly. Items include discounted Legendary Outfits, HQ backgrounds, Emotes, Executions, Camos, and Emblems.

The new showcase will complement the so-called Operator Rotation, the weekly sale for Credits of those characters that are usually sold for Coins. Now on the main page of the Store in the game client will be several categories of items:

  • Legendary Outfits for Coins with 20% off. The range will be updated monthly.
  • HQ background for Coins. A new one will also go on sale once a month.
  • Emotes, Executions, Camos, and Emblems that were previously only obtainable from the Trophies event. This category will be sold for Coins and updated once a week.
  • Three operators for Credits from those previously sold only for Coins.
Terms of product renewal and their cost may vary. The screenshot illustrating the showcase was made in the test build of version 0.16.0.

All products will have a timer displayed in the upper right corner that shows how many days are left until the end of the sale.

When buying customization items, the player enters a new menu. In it, they can choose an operator or several at once, which will get the new items.

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