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Chinese Collection Jiaolong: Weapons and Abilities

The collection of operators from China are four soldiers of the near future. Each of them is equipped with futuristic gadgets that will confuse opponents and force them to change tactics in the heat of battle. The unit’s uniqueness leaves the Chinese operators combat-ready even during the «incapacitated» state, which makes them extremely effective in any game mode, and in PvP matches, it further complicates the choice of «finishing them, or moving on».

New operators will appear in Caliber version 0.16.0

Assault Shàowèi

Operator with the least amount of Stamina consumption. His ability does not consume resources at all, and his Sprint does not consume much Stamina either, but gives a significant increase in speed.

Shàowèi’s special gear and ability combine into a killer combo. The first one is Shàowèi’s companion drone, which works as a moving turret by default: it always follows the operator, can shoot while moving, and attacks enemies in line of sight. The second part of this deadly combination, the ability to «Give Order», causes the drone to perform one of two actions: to pursue and attack a specific enemy, or to take a defensive position and work as a stationary turret.

Shàowèi’s companion drone has one charge per round. However, once destroyed, it can be restored through prolonged interaction with the parts and pieces.

While incapacitated, Shàowèi can continue to use his «Give Order» ability, allowing him to still command the drone.

Support Yíngzhōu

Demolition operator specializing in the destruction of opponents and covers. Armed with a shotgun as the main weapon and a grenade launcher as special gear.

His special gear is unique in its properties. It has a huge supply of shells — up to 18 in full — and the highest rate of fire. However, the grenade launcher deals little damage and can destroy cover with two direct hits.

Yíngzhōu’s ability is «Electromagnetic Field Generator». When installed, the generator creates a visible zone in which allies receive reduced damage, increased rate of fire, and when the ability is fully charged, also restore armor.

Yíngzhōu, while in the incapacitated state, can use the «Electromagnetic Field Generator». In addition to the obvious buffing of allies, this also makes the team more likely to raise a fallen comrade.

Medic Yàowáng

Yàowáng knows how to hurt his enemies in different ways — the Chinese medic has a unique additional weapon.

His HD66 pistol is equipped with a swivel platform, which gives Yàowáng the ability to fire without protruding from behind the wall. The pistol fires single shot, but this does not prevent the weapon from being extremely effective, because it is not always possible to quickly find an angle from which to start counterattacking the Chinese Medic.

Healing Plate, Yàowáng’s ability, attaches to an ally and heals them for 40 health points. If the plate is on the ground, then it gradually restores health to all allies, although the radius for this application is extremely small. In addition, when on an ally, the plate stops damage from bullets that hit it. This feature seems insignificant, but in fact, when properly placed, it will help out players more than once in any Caliber game mode.

While incapacitated, Yàowáng can still place a Healing Plate, thus remaining effective even when not directly involved in combat.

Marksman Cánglóng

The most talked about operator and the pride of the entire collection.

A bolt-action sniper rifle with 180 headshot and 115 body damage. For many players, these numbers speak for themselves. But let’s move on to the ability.

Cánglóng’s «Concealment» is an optical camouflage. And it does not just apply the «Invisibility» effect and remove the mark from the Marksman, but really allows the part of the operator that is covered with a cloak to almost disappear. The cloak, of course, gives distortion and glare abilities while active, but it still makes Cánglóng’s visual detection much more difficult.

While Concealment is active, Cánglóng is unable to Sprint, and any action other than moving, shooting, or reloading causes the ability to briefly be interrupted. Concealment has its own energy reserve, which is spent quickly when moving.

And a tiny bonus for fans of PvE battles. When Concealment is activated, the bots completely ignore Cánglóng.

In the incapacitated state, Cánglóng is able to use Concealment.


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