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Update 0.16.1: patch note

During scheduled maintenance on the Caliber servers on July 27, we made a number of changes and fixes to the game.


  • Added the Who Dares Wins Battle Pass to the Battle Pass Gallery;
  • Premium Time brings +150% XP in past Battle Passes (before The Art of War);
  • Art of War: fixed incorrect containers display on the rewards page.


  • Fixed incorrect display of the Elevation background in the purchases window;
  • Contracts. Fixed the bug in the description of the XP gained for choosing an operator with two Legendary outfits;
  • Fixed the bug where the Select Currencies to Buy message appeared on the Assign button when selecting certain Camos;
  • Fixed the error in the description of marksman Eima and assault Aphela’s special gear in battle (F1): tech text was removed.



Assault Shàowèi

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to use the Give Order ability while picking up Xigou;
  • Companion drone Xigou special gear no longer applies the Exhausted effect when hitting shields of: support Bastion of the RAID collection; support Tibet of the Arystan collection;
  • Xigou special gear no longer leaves a stationary silhouette on maps; fixed the bug where the drone would continue to attack enemies while being in smoke.

Support Yíngzhōu

  • Electromagnetic Field Generator primary ability: fixed the bug that was making it possible to detonate the generator by activating the ability again after the generator was destroyed; added information about armor penetration in the description;
  • Fixed the error in the description of the QLZ-87 special gear: now the area of effect value is displayed correctly when Upgrade 12 is activated;
  • Upgrade 12 special gear ammunition replacement: increased delay before the explosion, damage radius, and damage of special gear; fixed the bug where the delay before the explosion did not increase when the upgrade was active;
  • Type-97: the actual damage now matches the description;
  • Removed technical text from upgrade descriptions.

Medic Yàowáng

  • Fixed the bug where the Healing Plate icon was not displayed in the GUI;
  • The icon of the main weapon of the CF-05 has been changed;
  • EMP Grenade special gear: fixed the bug where the debuffs from the grenade lasted longer than indicated in the description. It was 6 seconds, now it’s 4;
  • Throwing a second grenade immediately after the first will now extend the debuff duration.

Marksman Cánglóng

  • Concealment primary ability: Fixed the issue where Concealment was not making the operator immune to the Marked effect;
  • QBU-10 primary weapon: Fixed incorrect display of glare when aiming. Glare can no longer be seen through obstacles;
  • Upgrade 15 "Special trait: holding down the Fire button (LMB) while in zoom mode (RMB) loads a special shot that can pierce covers: added the time required to prepare a loaded shot (2 seconds) in the description.

Support Sputnik

Recon Drone primary ability: Added information about armor penetration to the description.


Support Hagana

Turret primary ability: Fixed the bug where the turret would continue to attack enemies while being in smoke.


  • Onslaught: Legend. Fixed the bug where winning would lead to the game crashing;
  • Palm Road: Clearing. Fixed the bug where the bot did not go to the balcony, which made it impossible to complete the mission;
  • Village: Special Operation. Fixed the bug where the transfer of coordinates did not resume after killing technicians;
  • Prologue — Medic. Fixed the bug where player’s special gear would disappear after death;
  • Prologue — Support. Fixed the bug where it was impossible to complete the mission after being killed with a grenade launcher;
  • Prologue — Marksman. Fixed the bug where the car would drive through an allied character.


The display of the main weapon sights has been corrected:

  • MP5A5 in the Icebreaker Epic Outfit of Bard the Medic of the SSO collection;
  • M60E4 in the Pyro Epic Outfit of Matador the Support of the EZAPAC collection;
  • HK33 in the Woodward Legendary Outfit of Starkaðr the Assault of the AMF collection.

Fixed the bug where the primary weapon was reloaded incorrectly if the corresponding key was pressed during the bolt manipulation:

  • 500 Tactical of Mikołaj the Medic of the GROM collection;
  • L74A2 of Watson the Medic of the TFB collection;
  • M24 SWS of Eima the Marksman of the Nesher collection.


Fixed text errors on the pages of The Art of War Battle Pass.



Marksman Víðarr

Rovdjur special gear: fixed the bug where the drone had no sound during flight.


Assault Shàowèi

Xigou special gear: Fixed the bug where the drone’s sound would not sound right relative to its surroundings.

Support Yíngzhōu

Electromagnetic Field Generator primary ability: Detonating the generator no longer plays the end of detonation sound.


Added visual effects for Field Bonuses application.


Silent Warrior: description corrected, duplicate Increased speed of revival of allies" removed.

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