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Battle Pass Gallery: Who Dares Wins

In update 0.16.0, Caliber introduces the Battle Pass Gallery. This innovation will allow players who have reached account level 11 to complete previously released Battle Passes.


As of today, seven battle passes have been in Caliber:

  • Who Dares Wins: TFB collection;
  • Codename D’Arc: RAID collection;
  • Sown In Thorns: Nesher collection;
  • League of Fire: EZAPAC collection;
  • The Wind From The East: Arystan collection;
  • Fenrir’s Trail: AMF collection;
  • The Art of War: Jiaolong collection.
The current Battle Pass The Art of War is available now and works according to the usual rules.

Who Dares Wins will be the first of the past Battle Passes to be available in the Gallery with Update 0.16.1 from July 27th. The rest of the Battle Passes will be added to the Gallery one by one.

After completing the Who Dares Wins Battle Pass, the player will receive a Container with a random operator from the TFB collection and the opportunity to buy the rest at a bargain price with Coins.

The Who Dares Wins Battle Pass was held before Caliber went into self-sustained operation mode under 1C Game Studios. Thus, any player can purchase and complete it regardless of it being played or completed previously.

All Battle Passes, except for The Art of War, can be played without a time limit. At the same time, players are not tied to the selected Battle Pass; you can switch between the Battle Passes at any time; your progress in each of them will be saved.

And for those who want to complete Who Dares Wins as soon as possible, there is Premium Time.

Premium Time will provide +150% XP gain in the archival Battle Passes.


Battle Pass rewards are the same as before, with a few changes.

Instead of materials and Free XP, you will get Camo Container for a random operator.
Rewards to obtain:
  • Camos;
  • Premium Time;
  • Credits and Coins;
  • reserves;
  • emblems;
  • Epic Outfits;
  • emotes;
  • executions;
  • Container with a random operator from the selected Battle Pass collection.


Fragments are awarded for received items already on the player’s account.

Fragments are a currency used to buy rare items in the Fragment Showcase. Fragments can only be obtained as compensation for items received again.


How much will past Battle Passes cost?
Each Battle Pass costs 5,000 Coins.
How much XP do you need to earn to complete past Battle Passes?
To complete past Battle Passes, you need to earn more XP than at the time of their release.

For example, to complete Who Dares Wins, you need to earn 944,761 XP.

All past Battle Passes can be played without a time limit, at your own pace. Premium Time will earn you 150% more XP in each past Battle Pass.
I bought the Battle Pass when it was released, but didn’t complete it. Do I need to buy and play it again?
You do not need to re-purchase a Pass. You can continue playing it from the point where you left off.
Can I earn XP for multiple Battle Passes at once?
No. XP is awarded only within the Battle Pass activated in the game menu.
If I haven’t completed the Battle Pass, can I switch to another one?
You can switch between the Battle Passes. The progress of all Battle Passes is saved; you can always return to them and finish what you started.
If I already bought and completed the Battle Pass, can I buy and play it again?
No, each Battle Pass can only be completed once.
Is there a free version of the Battle Pass?
Yes, you can activate any available Battle Pass in the Gallery and get all the rewards for completing its free part.
If I didn’t buy the Battle Pass but completed the free part before, can I do it again?
No, you cannot replay the Battle Pass in any form. But you can finish playing the free part if you haven’t already done so.
Can I buy levels?
Yes. You can purchase the number of levels you need. You can do this by going to the Battle Pass Episode window in the game client and clicking the level in the progress bar. The Buy Level button will appear on the right, under the rewards picture.

The level value is calculated in the XP of the event. The purchase price equals conversion of missing XP into in-game currency.

Thus, you can buy a level even if you have already partially filled it with XP.
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