September 7th hotfix | News | Caliber is a team-based online game
September 7th hotfix

During scheduled maintenance on the Caliber servers on September 7, we made a number of changes and fixes to the game. 

General Changes

Added Tickets to Marathon Armory. Players can purchase them with Coins.


Medic Freyr

Woodward Legendary Outfit: Fingers no longer fall through" the handle of the HK53 primary weapon.

Medic Travnik

The A-Group Legendary Outfit: Fixed the primary weapon PP-2000 reloading animation bug. Previously, the operator’s hand was in the wrong position.

Support Svarog

The A-Group Legendary Outfit: Added previously missing ammo to the AO-64M primary weapon belt. The fix is strictly visual.

Assault Lazootchick

Removed technical text from special gear description.

Medic Mikołaj

Nomad Legendary Outfit: The primary weapon firing animation has been fixed in 1st person mode. Previously, shells were passing through the weapon.

Maps, missions, and bots changes

All Maps — Showdown: First Person, Showdown

Cutscenes now work correctly. Previously, there could be visual errors if the Shader Quality setting option was set to Low.

Village — Clearing, Special Operation

Fixed the situation where it was possible to pass through one of the destructible obstacles.

Forest — Clearing, Special Operation; Amal Harbor — Special Operation

Fixed the game crashing after Medic Schatz’s First Aid primary ability ended in the gas room.

Amal Harbor

Concrete blocks and bricks now have the correct appearance. Previously they were painted white.

Al-Malik Hotel

Now the turned-over car cannot be shot through.

Forest — Clearing, Special Operation

Cutscenes now work correctly. Previously, there could be visual errors if the Shader Quality setting option was set to Low.

Forest — Clearing, Special Operation

The camera no longer clips through the bunker wall if you get close to it.

Throwables will no longer fall through the ground. Previously, it could have occurred in several bunker rooms.

Showdown: First Person

The Execute An Opposing Player weekly quest now counts.

Prologue — all roles

Fixed the issue where the allied Support bot would stop attacking enemies.

Emir Residence — Onslaught

Bots no longer get stuck on the main building’s roof.


Bots will no longer "walk on air" and climb high points without using ladders.


Amal Harbor — Special Operation

Announcer’s speech will no longer be interrupted.


Water explosion effects are now displayed correctly. Previously, square-shaped effects appeared on the water after explosions.


All sniper rifles

Reduced screen shaking while walking in 1st person mode.

Support Sputnik

Archeologist Legendary Outfit, Paratrooper and Climber Epic Outfits: Adjusted animations for the first person mode.

Support Svarog

The A-Group Legendary Outfit: Added sprint animation for the first person mode.

Forest — Clearing, Special Operation

Fixed Animations errors that occurred when interacting with objects: Electric Panel, Neutralizer, etc.

Marksman Cánglóng, Medic Shersheret

Fixed special gear application animation. Previously, it was a bit "twitchy".

Assault Aphela

Harpy Legendary Outfit: The primary weapon reload animation now looks correct in the first person mode.

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