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Hacking: First Person in Fog of War

The new mode Hacking: First Person will be available in Caliber from October 5th to October 19th. It is intended for players who like increased difficulty. The mode will disable the marks according to the Fog of War rules and set the view to the first person.


The mode is based on the Ranked Hacking rules but with some minor changes.

The attacking team must pick up the Hacking Tool and get it to one of the two defending team’s servers. Round duration is 180 seconds. The defending team has to prevent the Hacking Tool installation or, if it happened, to deactivate the tool. For this, the team has 46 seconds. Tool deactivation takes 5 seconds.

Mode Rules
  • The mode is available to players starting from account level 4;
  • Operators of any level are available for play;
  • Players can choose Recruits;
  • A battle on one map lasts up to 5 winning rounds for one team;
  • Side switching occurs every 3 rounds;
  • When switching sides, the operators do not replenish ammunition, Stamina, and special gear;
  • Every side switching, destroyed objects are restored on the map;
  • Ammo boxes are reloaded every 8 minutes;
  • Armor is restored after each round;
  • Friendly fire is disabled;
  • Incapacitated operator death penalty: total health will not decrease after revival;
  • No drawn matches are possible.


All marks — silhouettes, health points, applied effects, etc. — will be disabled for both teams. As soon as you have a visual on an enemy, your operator will inform you about it. However, you’ll need to hover the crosshair over the enemy to highlight them. If you move the crosshair away from the enemy, the indication will disappear again.

By default, in Hacking: First Person mode, the first-person mode will be switched on for all players. Switching back to the third-person mode will be impossible.

Exception will be the HD66 of Yàowáng the Medic from the Jiaolong Chinese collection.
While your crosshair does not point at the enemy, no indication is displayed.
 Indication example with a crosshair pointing at the enemy.
Indication example with a crosshair pointing at the ally.

Operators’ abilities allowing opponents detection will continue to function as before. Strelok’s Recon, Faro’s Muleta, Scout’s Flare, and the like to the rescue!


Ten maps will be available for play. You will be able to play by the new Hacking rules on Radar for the first time; the map will appear slightly more often than the others. Night versions of the maps are removed from the search.

Also returning to Hacking are Amal Harbor, Al-Malik Hotel, Dam, and Object 903 maps.


Victory reward will be increased. For winning the battle, you will get 1,000 Credits and 1,350 XP.

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