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[0.18.0] Materials and Contracts

The Caliber’s team is working on two updates at the same time.

In the first one of them, named 0.17.1, the game’s birthday presents, special objectives, rewards, and a themed game mode are awaiting the players. All this will become available at the end of October. Stay tuned and check the news on the website and social media.

Update 0.18.0 is going to be much more significant. The changes in it will affect game’s economics, operators, skills, objectives, and much more. Even now, we’re beginning to tell you about the future changes. So that you know all about the novelties by the release date.


Materials will disappear from the game completely. You won’t need them for operators upgrade and skill research. Each material had its own indicative value in Credits. Thus, we will replace all the materials that the players have with Credits based on the exchange rate displayed in the table.

Operators’ development will become more clear. Randomness factor that sometimes forced the players to wait for the needed resource in a container will be excluded. The operator upgrade system is also reworked in Update 0.18.0. We’ll tell more about it a bit later.

All the unopened Materials containers will be removed from the game. A compensation will be issued for them based on the amount and rarity of the materials in the containers. The choice is up to the players: to open a container and have a chance to receive more rare materials and, for them, more credits, or to get a fixed sum in Credits as a compensation.

The most common containers exchange rate.

The most common containers exchange rate.


Contracts will also be removed from the game in the new update. However, technical and gaming frameworks of this system will be used in the future.

For your convenience, all news about Update 0.18.0 will be marked with a plaque on their headers, and the version number — [0.18.0] — will be displayed in their titles.

Stay tuned. The future holds a lot of interesting stuff!

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