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Onslaught: Halloween game mode

From October 26th to November 9th, a Halloween-themed PvE game mode will be available in Caliber. Redesigned Forest map, bot models, effects, and more have been prepared specially for the event.


The operators are entering the Forest to complete the next objective. Upon arrival, communication with HQ cuts off, and something is undoubtedly wrong with the surrounding area. The gates of the bunker are locked with the Demonic Seals, which make them impossible to open.

The operators’ new objective is to remove the Seals and find out what is beyond the gates.


Onslaught: Halloween is different from other Onslaught modes. It features six rounds with the order of tasks changed. The final round is unique.

Features of Onslaught: Halloween:

  • New type of the final round;
  • Objects used in tasks are replaced with thematic ones;
  • The number of Field Boosts that players can receive is adjusted;
  • Friendly fire is disabled;
  • Players can select Recruits.


For each victory, players will receive Credits, XP, and Halloween 2022 Customization Container.


From the Container, players can get Nightmare HQ background, Herald Epic Outfit for Voron, Origin of Evil Camo, Ghoul Execution, and Cursed Pumpkin and Ominous Penalty Emotes. Nightmare HQ background can be obtained from a Container or purchased in the game client Store for Coins.

Emote, Execution, and Camo from the Container will be issued to random operator collections.

Until a player gets all the unique items from the Halloween 2022 Customization Container, there will be no repetitious items. Further, upon reception of an item that a player already has on their account, the compensation system will be applied, giving Fragments.

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