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Caravanserai: Changes in PvP modes

Caravanserai is one of the first maps in our game. It for a very long time and now it’s time for a change!

We reworked covers, added some passages and stairs. The main surprise are the interactive gates available in Hacking mode — you’ll be able to control those with a push of a button! Please find the details in the article below.

Inner Yard


Inner yard where Server B And Point C are located had just one entrance and low cover near it. It made the area easily controllable, especially with mines. We added some scaffolding which allows players to get over the wall to Point C. Also low cover was substituted with tall cover. Now defenders can’t use bipods and will be forced in the open to fire at the attackers, but at the same time will be covered from the fire from the top of the wall.

The interactive gates will be available only in Hacking mode. Those will be open at the start of the match but any player will be able to close them by pressing the ’E’ key.

Lower Gallery


We added doors in the arches in the inner part of the main building. Two of the doors located near the entrance are closed, others are open. Opened door leaves serves as cover and make the ground floor area more safe, protecting from fire from the top floor.

Upper Gallery


The central arches at the upper gallery are blocked now. It will give some protection to those who will try to cross the gallery under fire.

Main Plaza


There are new covers on the main plaza. Cargo containers covering passages to center and near stairs. Some cover around the tree — it will be especially useful in the Showdown mode as the Capture point is situated here. Earlier it was too open and dangerous to capture it.

Low covers were added to both sides of the gallery at the entrances.

Additional Stairs to Top Floor


New stairs to the top floor were added to both sides of the main building. It will allow to move through the map more quickly, which will be especially useful for Hacking mode.

Safe Descend

There are some trading stalls near the walls. The stall allows to jump down from the wall without any damage so you can get to the server or capture point faster and safer.

Attacking team in Hacking

Both side lanes were reworked to be more convenient for the attacking team.


There is a new passage in the concrete wall on the way to the Server B on the left lane. Some covers were added too to make firefights more fair.


The right lane is now blocked with a truck and some rubble preventing the defending team from seeing enemy movements right from the spawn point.

Capture points in Showdown


Points in the Showdown mode were reworked as well. Point C location is less safe now because of additional entrance through scaffolding. Central point is much safer now after adding new covers. Point A is wider and now less exposed to fire from all three sides.

All these changes make PvP matches on the Caravanserai more smooth and interesting.
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