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Caravanserai: PvE Map Changes

The Caravanserai PvE map will be significantly improved in update 0.17.2. Clearing and Special Operation modes will get a completely new feel. There will be story cutscenes and an option to skip starting cutscene by voting. The plot will be completely new and the map layout will be improved.


The Caliber operators successfully evacuated civilians from the hospital during the terrorists’ attack and gained some trust from the local government.

Now Karhad officials share the news of their informant working at the Caravanserai. He is gathering the intel about Al Tarir forces in the region.

Your mission is to locate the informant, get the intel and relay it to the Caliber base.


Now there will be three story cutscenes in the mission: opening, victory and failure. The cutscenes are rich and atmospheric, similar to the ones on the Forest map.

You can now skip the opening cutscenes. Just hold the right mouse button to start voting and select the appropriate command. The voting works similar to voting for surrender. If all players vote ‘yeah’, the cutscene will be skipped.


Caravanserai means ‘the palace for caravans’ in Persian. It’s the place where traders can stop and rest in safety and relative comfort.

Even in modern times such places are often used as trading posts and business negotiations points. To demonstrate the importance of this location we greatly improved the details of the map. Trading stalls, carts, tables and other objects were added to the central area.


Caliber operators learned a new method of interacting with the enemy. You’ll need to interrogate new type of bot — terrorist sergeant. We made special animation and voiceovers for the interrogation.


The map changed according to the new story — visuals and layout were modified. Some passages are now blocked to provide more straightforward and smooth gameplay.

Covers on the market square have changed. It will be especially useful in the Special Operation game mode where the slightest edge means difference between victory and defeat.

New stairs and jump-downs were added. Some areas were improved to reflect the story.

Other places now have new covers and additional passages.

Some areas of the map are available to explore now, their visuals are improved.


Final combat of the mission has changed. Karhad republican soldiers will help you repel the terrorists assault.

The Caravanserai is just one of the maps that will be reworked. We will continue to improve existing PvE missions. 
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