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Total Superiority Marathon in Annihilation Mode

The Total Superiority marathon in Annihilation mode will take place in Caliber from November 16th-30th. It’s a limited time event available for all players. The main goal is to earn event currency, purchase unique goods with it and rank-up in the ratings of the best players.

Annihilation is a new team-based PvP game mode. You can learn the details of its rules here. Also you can watch the video revealing the basics of the mode.


Two types of temporary in-game currency will be implemented for the time of the marathon: tokens and tickets.

  • Tokens are the main event currency, you can purchase prizes with it. Tokens can be earned only in the Annihilation PvP game mode. 
  • Tickets are the currency boosting tokens income tenfold. You will get a ticket for every 3 victories in Clearing, Special Operation, Showdown, Onslaught or Frontline game mode. Also you will earn a ticket for every completed daily task. Starting November 23rd, tickets will be available for purchase with coins in the event shop.


Tokens will be given as an additional reward for participation in Annihilation. The amount of tokens depends on the number of points earned by your team in a match.

  • Your team earned 10 points and lose the match: 8 tokens;
  • Your team earned 20 points and lose the match: 16 tokens;
  • Your team earned 30 points and lose the match: 24 tokens;
  • Your team earned 40 points and lose the match: 32 tokens;
  • Your team won the match: 40 tokens;

Victory in Annihilation mode will always bring you 40 tokens.

Tickets increase the amount of tokens you get when you win a match. If you have a ticket it will be automatically discarded after your victory and tokens you earned will be multiplied by 10.

So with a ticket, any victory in Annihilation mode will bring you 400 tokens.

If you leave the match before it ends, you don’t get any tokens regardless of the match outcome.


You will get one ticket for every three victory in most game modes:

  • Clearing;
  • Special Operation;
  • Showdown;
  • Onslaught;
  • Frontline.

Victories in all these modes will be accounted for together. For instance, you can win two Clearing matches and one Special Operation and get a ticket because it will be three victories in total. Also you will get one ticket for every daily task you complete.

Starting November 23rd, sets of 10 tickets will be available for purchase with coins in the Armory.


When the Armory closes, your remaining tokens and tickets will be automatically exchanged to credits:


The main prize of the event available for tokens will be the epic outfit Troublemaker for Avant-garde, the assault from the RAID collection. Other goods include camo, emblems, executions, materials, free XP, reserves, boosters and credits.



  • Epic Outfit Troublemaker for Avant-Garde the Assault;
  • Rest in Peace Execution container for a random collection;
  • Evening Glow Camo container for a random operator;
  • Emblems: Smog (based on the art of the player Queksique), Guardian, Minus one;
  • Free XP;
  • Tickets (from November 23 till November 30);
  • Materials: fuel, medications, alloys, spare parts, composite materials, chemical components, encrypted messages, blueprints, microchips and secret drafts;
  • Team reserves pack — 5 of each type;
  • Booster pack — 5 of each type;
  • 10 000 credits — 10 lots.

All the prizes are temporarily exclusive to the event. They will not be available for purchase by any other means for several months. You’ll be able to get it only from the Armory, and the Armory will be open for a week after the end of the marathon.


All players will automatically participate in the Total Superiority marathon rating — player’s level depends on the tokens earned. You must earn at least 1400 tokens to make the lowest level in the ratings.

The total amount of tokens you got for the matches is relevant — if you spend some of your tokens in the Armory it will not affect your position in the ladder. So no need to be greedy and hoard the tokens.

These marathon prizes will be more valuable than previous. 

By earning tokens and climbing up the ladder; players will get coins, credits, premium time, boosters and team reserves. The prize will be given automatically the moment you get needed level in the rating.

By getting to Top-1000, Top-100 and Top-10 of all the participating players you will be awarded the unique event emblem:

  • Top-1000: Total Superiority: Vandal emblem;
  • Top-100: Total Superiority: Anarchist emblem;
  • Top-10: Total Superiority: Annihilator emblem.
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