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New Game Mode: Annihilation — Team Deathmatch

Starting November 16th, a new PvP mode Annihilation, known in the shooter genre as TDM (Team Deathmatch), will become available in Caliber. The mode differs from others with fast respawns, new types of Field Bonuses, and the absence of rounds. To win, the team needs to earn 50 points, which are awarded for each killing and executing of an enemy.

You can learn the basic rules of the mode by watching the video or from the article.


  • To win, you need to score 50 points. Disabling an enemy is worth one point, and execution is worth two. An incapacitated player can respawn before being executed;
  • Points for incapacitating an enemy are awarded after they respawn. Points for execution are awarded immediately;
  • Revival of an ally restores them 50 health;
  • Field Bonuses in the mode will be in boxes. Their location is indicated on the mini-map, which can be seen during match loading;
  • Field Bonuses become available 60 seconds after the start of the round, except for Personal Kit bonus, which replenishes the supply of special gear — it becomes available after 180 seconds;
  • Field Bonuses are restored in 60 seconds except for Personal Kit which restores in 180 seconds;
  • Round time: 15 minutes;
  • Ammo Box Cooldown: 3 minutes.


The battle will start at the same points as in other PvP modes. After the first death, the player will respawn at the closest point to an ally if they are far from the enemies. After this, the point will be excluded from the rotation of spawn points for a while.

Possible respawn point example:


Special Field Bonuses have been prepared for Annihilation. This is the first time when the ability to use Field Bonuses will appear in a PvP mode. The Bonuses will be located in boxes similar to ammo crates. A Field Bonus can be collected and activated later.

Three of the new Field Bonuses will only affect the player who activates them, not the entire team. If the player dies without activating the carried Bonus, it will be dropped to the ground.

To make it easier to find boxes with Field Bonuses, we’ve added markers to the compass.


In the mode, 8 maps will be available, including Depot.

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