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[0.18.0] Hacking mode during the off-season

In Update 0.18.0, Hacking mode will become available in Caliber. It will function by the Ranked Battles rules and allow our players to prepare for the next Ranked season we’re currently working on.

The mode will be open for players with Account Level 15, and the operator chosen for the game has to be at least level 10.

The battles themselves will go by the usual rules: until 5 victories, with teams changing sides every 3 rounds.


  • a battle on one map lasts up to 5 winning rounds for one team;
  • side switching occurs every 3 rounds;
  • when switching sides, the operators do not replenish ammunition and special gear;
  • every side switching, destroyed objects are restored on the map;
  • armor regenerates between rounds;
  • ammo boxes are reloaded every 8 minutes;
  • friendly fire and penalties for it are on;
  • penalty for deaths: maximum Hit Points are reduced by 10 until the end of the round if the player was incapacitated and revived;
  • no drawn matches are possible.


The more rounds you win, the more XP you get. If you win the battle, you will receive bonus 270 XP.


In this mode, players will see all the maps previously available in Hacking, along with the new map Oil Platform.

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