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[0.18.0] Oil Platform Map: Features, Screenshots, and Videos

In Update 0.18.0, the seventh location of the Zalessye theater of operations will appear in Caliber: Oil Platform map. At launch, it will be available in two modes: Hacking and Showdown.


The platform was built by Zalessian oilmen with the assistance of foreign specialists in the mid-1990s. Construction was complicated by natural factors: northern waters are famous for strong currents and frequent storms, and the cold itself did not make the task any easier.

To make the platform work, a lot of effort, money, and skill had to be invested in it. For a long time, it remained the major center of offshore oil production in the country. The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic invested big money in its maintenance and regular modernization.

The platform was one of the most important sources of income for Zalessye. The country’s own consumption of oil is small since the local energy is based on the cascade of hydroelectric power plants built in the middle of the 20th century. Almost all the oil produced was exported, creating a stable source of replenishment for the state budget.


Any oil platform is an extremely complex structure, most often comprising a deck, reinforced concrete supports, a tower, and a drill. The monstrous appearance of such installations fascinates and makes you want to know how they work.

When creating the map, we were inspired by real-life oil platforms a lot of videos and photos about which can be found on the Internet.

Before we started placing the objects, setting up lighting, and working out the details, we prepared the concept art.



Oil Platform map comprises four interconnected platforms:

  • the platform with the drilling rig and control cabin;
  • the loading and unloading platform with containers and the crane;
  • the multi-level technical platform with the flare unit;
  • the platform with the generator room and helipad.


Two versions of Oil Platform map are waiting for the players. Each will have its own lighting and weather: cloudy twilight and morning dawn.

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