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[0.18.0] New Year Store Showcase

From December 14th to February 8th, the New Year Store Showcase will be open in Caliber containing Epic Outfits, HQ backgrounds, and, naturally, fireworks.


Epic Outfits

Four Epic Outfits are waiting for you in the New Year Showcase. Two of them can be bought with Fragments, and the rest are sold for Coins.

  • Frost for Ded the Medic: 1,750 Coins or 2,050 fragments;
  • Dry Biscuit for Karavai the Medic: 1,750 Coins;
  • Frosty for Víðarr the Marksman: 1,750 Coins;
  • Anton «Stab» for Medic Recruit: 2,050 Fragments.


HQ backgrounds on the New Year Showcase can be bought for both Credits and Fragments.

  • Post-Soviet Blue (with music): 300,000 Credits or 5,740 Fragments;
  • Winter: 200,000 Credits or 3,190 Fragments.


Treat yourself and other players! Launch New Year fireworks! On the New Year’s window, you will find three types of fireworks.

  • Single-colored fireworks: 20,000 Credits;
  • Multicolored fireworks: 300 Coins or 350 Fragments;
  • Signed fireworks: 750 Coins or 900 Fragments.


The New Year items will also appear on the regular Store showcase. Camos and Emotes will be updated once a week, so hurry up to get them!

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