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[0.18.0] Soft Power Battle Pass: User’s Manual

On Wednesday, December 21st, the seventh Battle Pass, Soft Power, dedicated to the update 0.18.0 and the release of the US operator collection CST, will start in Caliber. All Caliber players with Account Level 11+ can become participants of the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is a limited-time event where players receive an additional type of XP for battles. By accumulating this XP, players progress through the levels of the Battle Pass and unlock rewards.

The Battle Pass will run for seven weeks, from December 21st 2022 to February 8th 2023.

Soft Power Battle Pass features 4 episodes, of which each includes two parts:

Free. In it, rewards are given to all players of Account Level 11 and higher for reaching some of the Battle Pass levels in each episode.

Paid. This is a special «ticket» for those who wish to receive all the rewards of the event. Each episode is purchased in the game client for 3,000 Coins.

When choosing and purchasing two or three Battle Pass episodes at once, a 10% discount applies. Buying all four episodes at once will cost 15% less.

Each episode of Soft Power Pass consists of 25 levels. In total, to complete one episode, the player needs to earn 129,700 XP.

The main reward of each episode in the paid Battle Pass will be the operators of the CST collection. At level 25 of any episode, the player is guaranteed to receive a new character according to the chosen episode.

New Epic Outfits, Emblems, and other Battle Pass rewards will remain exclusive for three months after the event ends. It will not be possible to get them any other way.


  • To complete the Battle Pass levels and receive rewards for them, the player needs to activate one of the episodes.
  • The player can activate another episode at any time. The progress of other episodes is preserved.
  • If the player has not activated any episode, the Battle Pass XP will be scored into the Borrowed Face episode. The main reward in it is Sly the Assault.
  • Battle Pass episode levels can be purchased with Coins.

In Soft Power Battle Pass, the player is automatically rewarded with an Epic Outfit when purchasing one of the episodes. There will be two such outfits:

  • Smiley for Eima, the Markswoman of Nesher. Its elements are found in episodes Petal of Flame and Scourge From Above.
  • Pyro for Faro, the Assault of EZAPAC. It can be collected in episodes Borrowed Face and Fruits of Progress.
  • Thus, by purchasing two corresponding Battle Pass episodes, the player immediately receives one of the outfits. No XP need to be arned for this.

At the last level of each episode is the Fun-Fair HQ Background element. This is a free Battle Pass reward. To get the HQ background on your account, you need to complete all four episodes.


  • New Camos: Veresk, Acryl, Penumbra, and Akela.
  • New Emotes: Payback Time and Dangerous Trick.
  • New Execution: Parting Time!
  • New Emblems: Companion, Death From Above, Borrowed Faces, and Incendiary.
New Camos, Emotes, and Executions will be given in Containers. One Container can hold a Customization item for a random unit.
  • previously released Emotes: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.
  • previously released Executions: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.
Previously released Emotes and Executions will be given in Containers of different rarities: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. These Containers hold a Customization item for a random operator of a specific role.

For example, if you select the Assault-themed episode Borrowed Face, these Containers will contain Assault customization items.
  • Ammo Box Team Reserve.
  • Armor Plate Bag Team Reserve.
  • Premium Time.
  • Credits.
  • Coins.
  • Manuals.
  • XP Boosters.
  • Enhanced XP Boosters.
In Update 0.18.0, we increased the value of XP Boosters. Boosters now have their own capacity scale and are spent gradually. One such Booster will give the player 20,000 additional XP.
  • Smiley Epic Outfit for Eima the Markswoman.
  • Pyro Epic Outfit for Faro the Assault.
  • Fun-Fair HQ Background.
  • CST collection operator-esses: Sly the Assault, Bones the Medic, Fortress the Support, and Avalanche the Markswoman.

How is XP earned to progress through episode levels?

The dial is filled with XP equal to the base XP that you get in battles. If you have Premium Time, a special bonus of +30% event XP is also credited to the Battle Pass dial. Standard XP bonus from Premium Time (+100%) is not counted.

For example, if you earned 1000 base XP (net XP at the end of the battle, not counting Premium Time and Boosters), then the Battle Pass dial will be filled by 1000 XP. If you have Premium Time, then, thanks to it, you will earn 30% more Battle Pass XP.

Can I buy levels?

Yes. You can purchase the required number of levels by going to the Battle Pass episode window in the game client and clicking on the level on the dial. The Buy Level button will appear on the right, below the picture with the contents of the award.

The value of the level is calculated in event XP. The purchase price is the conversion of required XP points into game currency at the rate of 1 Coin for 7 Battle Pass XP.

Thus, you can buy a level even if you have already partially filled it with XP.

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