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US CST Collection: Armament & Abilities

We continue to introduce you to operators from all over the world. Our particular interest spark units that, although not well known, have pronounced differences and features. This time the source of inspiration for the new collection was an unusual unit from USA.

Meet the second all-female operator collection in Caliber: Cultural Support Team.


The CST unit was formed specifically to conduct operations in the territories of the Middle East, where religious and cultural characteristics impose restrictions on the actions of the coalition forces’ militarymen.


There is an opinion that US CST operators’ only mission is to establish contact with the local population, especially with women and children, but this is not true. Cultural Support soldiers must meet high requirements, including combat training, since they work together with special forces units. In the event of fire contact, CST enter the battle on a par with others, Green Berets or Navy SEALs.



Sly is a true expert of disguise. She can temporarily mimic the appearance of any enemy, which opens up wide tactical possibilities. If your teammate suddenly starts shooting you in the back, don’t rush to blame them. Quite possibly, these are Sly’s tricks. At close ranges, she effectively uses a powerful short shotgun and up to six stun grenades.

Sly can even disguise herself as a bot. The ability could be very useful in Frontline mode.

Personal Priorities Personal Skill allows the player to significantly increase the effectiveness of sidearms. If you like using Vagabond’s revolver, Eima’s fast-firing Glock 18, or Avalanche’s overpowering Desert Eagle, you’ll love this skill. Try to combine it with other ones. For example, together with Hair Trigger Skill, your sidearm will become even more dangerous.

How to Counter

When playing against Sly, pay attention to your teammates’ weapons. The operator only mimics the outfit, so she always has SCAR H or Serbu Super-Shorty shotgun in her hands.

Stun grenades can also cause a lot of problems. Choose the operator upgrades that reduce or completely block the Stunned effect.

Communicate with your team. You can identify Sly in disguise in your ranks together.


If you prefer close-range combat, you should opt for the shotgun, Hit Points, and Armor upgrades.

For those who like disguise, there are upgrades that allow you to increase the duration of the ability, shorten its cooldown, and even add the feat of applying the Marked effect on your victim.



A real team player, Fortress can share incendiary rounds with the entire team, and Shoulder to Shoulder Personal Skill allows her to speed up reloading and reduce incoming damage while she is close to her teammates.

Fortress is armed with an M27 assault rifle, which clearly sets her apart from other supports. The rifle can be used with different types of magazines.

BLU-43 mines are hard to notice. Scattered in the right places, they can seriously hinder enemies’ movement.

How to Counter

If Fortress is against you, then the whole team can use incendiary ammo. It is worth choosing operator upgrades that reduce or completely block the effect or burning.

Look under your feet to avoid stepping on the mines: they glow red. If it is impossible to avoid them, use operators that can get the Shielded effect or use Skills that reduce damage from explosions.


Choose what you like best: strengthening the mines, the ability cooldown acceleration, or increasing the number of incendiary ammo boxes.

The M27 can use two kinds of magazines: drum or box. The smaller the magazine, the higher the Movement Speed, and vice versa. With the box magazine, Fortress becomes similar to assaults in playstyle.



The main feature of Bones is that she does not heal with her own hands, but with the help of her drone named Buddy. The drone moves where the operator points out. He is able to heal teammates, protect them against explosives, and even revive them. And if an enemy is hiding behind a destructible cover, Buddy will be happy to break through it, just give him the appropriate command. The drone can be incapacitated, but it’s not that terrible: you can fix it on the spot. If you don’t do this, he will appear with full HP at the start of the next round.

Give Order Primary Ability does not spend SP. This allows Bones to be extremely mobile and have no worries that by the end of the round she will not be able to run. Internal Reserve Skill helps to further enhance this feature.

How to Counter

Pay special attention to Buddy drone. Without it, Bones won’t be as effective.

Assault Rein is a great choice. EMP primary ability will render the drone useless.


Upgrade 9 allows the drone to reanimate teammates and the operator herself. In fact, this gives the team an unlimited number of reanimations. Just remember that when doing this, Buddy loses durability and needs to be repaired.

The drone can be made faster, stronger, and more effective at healing. Alternatively, you can increase his damage resistance. The choice is yours.



Avalanche is a one-human army. Her M14 EBR primary weapon allows for effective shooting at medium distances, the legendary Desert Eagle leaves enemies no chance in close combat, and the mortar is great for shelling groups of enemies at a long distance.

The uniqueness of the M224A1 mortar is in lack of a delay between aiming and shooting: the shell can be loaded in advance. This is not typical for mortars, but it is not a mistake.

Avalanche can be useful even if the enemy is out of sight. Advance ability speeds up the operator and all her teammates, and protects them against negative effects.

Keeping a distance encourages another of her features. The primary weapon damage is increased if Avalanche makes a few headshots in succession with it. With this, she compensates for the relatively small damage at a distance.

Gunpoint Personal Skill increases her mobility while she’s aiming. The skill is well suited for sniper duels or operators equipped with shields for an effective offensive.

How to Counter

Try taking cover with a roof or move quickly: the mortar shell flies for a long time. If this is not possible, Medic Buggy and Medic Bones will help you with an upgrade against explosions.

Remember that the Desert Eagle can shoot through walls. Move more, and it will be easier to get close to Avalanche.


You can increase the ammo capacity of the mortar to 6 rounds, add negative effects applied by hits, or increase explosions radius.

Two sights of your choice are available for the main weapon: optical for long ranges or red dot for medium ones.

After a certain upgrade, the Desert Eagle can shoot through walls. However, in this case, it has only one magazine.


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