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December 28th hotfix

During scheduled maintenance on the Caliber servers on December 28th, we made a number of changes and fixes to the game.


  • Weekly Objectives: fixed the bug due to which progress bar stopped filling after completing 21 objectives;
  • Fixed the bug blocking purchase of the boosters in the Special Offers tab;
  • Chartered Objectives: missing icon added;
  • Daily Objectives: fixed the bug due to which reward for completed objectives from previous stages could not be claimed;
  • Fixed the bug due to which PvP objectives could be completed in PvE game modes;
  • All Free XP packs available to players but not purchased are now opened. Free XP added to accounts and can be used nowby spending coins or fragments;
  • Soft Power battle pass: fixed the bug due to which marksmen cosmetics were in the containers awarded for Petal of Flame episode insted of the support cosmetics;
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to complete the weekly task, where it was necessary to kill opponents under the Bleeding effect;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the emblem Recruits: the Pinnacle was not credited.



  • Fixed some typos in the operators’ bio.
Support Fortress
  • Incendiary Ammo special gear:

— Fixed the bug due to which burning enemy can be healed;

— Fixed the bug due to which the special gear did not work when the operator was affected by any effect;

— Incendiary Ammo now can be picked up even if the operator have full ammo;

— Fixed the bug due to which the special gear provided one extra incendiary round.

  • Dragon Tooth ability: explosion sound FX is not played when mined despawn due to exceedeng the limit. The limit of the mines placed in the ability description is now correct;
  • Primary weapon and special gear descriptions are now correct;
  • Amount of stamina in the operater’s description is now correct — 550 SP instead of 500 SP;
  • Hologpaphic sight for HK416D: iron sights are now displayed properly after installing the holographic sight;
  • The number of standard magazines has been reduced from 2 to 1.
Assault Sly
  • Impersonation ability:

— Fixed the bug due to which the impersonated enemy was still able to see operatr’s marker and highlight;

— Special Operation and Onslaught: Legend game modes: fixed the bug due to which reanimation penalty to HP was removed when the ability effect ends;

— Fixed the bug due to which the operator’s HP decreased due to healing. The bug appeared in the operator had more HP than usual due to her ability;

— HP borrowed from the impersonated enemy don’t count towards the Restore HP to an ally objective now;

— Fixed the bug due to which the ability cannot be activated if an enemy was not exactly in the Sly’s weapon sights in the moment of activation;

— Fixed the bug due to which the 14th level operator upgrade didn’t work;

— Fixed the bug due to which AI enemies attacked the disguised operator when she began sprinting.

Marksman Avalanche
  • Fixed the bug due to which the operator’s stats were incorrectly displayed on the side panel;
  • The primary weapon damage chart is now correct;
  • Fixed the bug due to which the Advance special ability didn’t gave immunity to Stun and Marked effects.
Medic Bones
  • Buddy drone: new spawning sound FX added.


Marksman Cánglóng
  • Fixed the bug due to which penetrating shot worked incorrectly.


Medic Bard
  • Fixed the bug due to which weapon model clipped through parachute bag in standart skin and Paratrooper epic skin.
Support Sputnik

Fixed the bug due to which 10th level upper upgrade affected the recon drone ability.


Assault Aphela
  • Fixed the bug due to which 7th level upper upgrade worked incorrectly.
Support Hagana
  • AN-M 14 special gear: damage radius is displaing correctly now.

Marksman Eima

  • 15th level upgrades changed. Now you can choose between three upgrades:

— Upper: Special trait: Stun effect is applied to all enemies within 4 meters from target when using the ability. Effect duration is reduced by 0.6 seconds;

— Middle: Special trait: Primary weapon damage is increased by 20% while the ability is active;

— Lower: Special traid: Suppressed enemies are slowed by 35%.


Assault Mustang
  • Fixed the bug due to which stats changes were not displayed properly when 6th level upgrade was selected.
Medic Buggy
  • 12th level upper upgrade icon is fixed;
  • Fixed the bug due to which 11th level upgrades worked incorrectly.
Support Tibet
  • Ammo capacity in the 2nd level weapon upgrade fixed.


Assault Corsair
  • Sprint speed reduced from 5.5 to 5.2;
  • Fixed the bug due to which 15th level upgrades worked with primary and secondary weapons.
Support Bourbon
  • Lower upgrades on 7th and 11th levels are now working properly.


Assault Faro
  • Fixed the typo in the 15th level upper upgrade description.


Marksman Archer
  • Fixed the typo in the 8th level upper upgrade description.


Marksman Strelok
  • Fixed the primary weapon description for epic skins.

22 SpN

Support Kit
  • 13th level lower upgrade in now working properly.
Medic Karavai
  • 15th level lower upgrade is now working properly.


Support Prorok
  • 12th level upper upgrade and 15th level lower upgrade are now working properly.
Medic Mikołaj
  • 6th level upper upgrade is now workig properly.


Medic Schatz
  • Fixed the bug due to which stats changes were not displayed on the side panel.


Assault Lazootchick
  • Fixed the bug due to which 1st level lower upgrade, 3rd level lower upgrade and 4th level upper upgrades were not working.


Support Odin
  • Fixed the bug due to which stats changes were displayed incorrectly on the side panel.


Medic Velour
  • Fixed the bug due to which the operator restored incorrect amount of armor if Stay Frosty skill was installed.



  • Onslaught mode: removed useless climbing tooltips from the steps near the server.

Tutorial Objectives

  • Removed WiP icons from the operator award window and changed it to proper icons.


  • Parting time! execution: fixed the bug due to which the grenade went off too early;
  • Fixed the bug due to which executed operator floated above the surface.


  • Flat Trajectory: fixed the error in the description. Skill actually increases primary effective range, not damage;
  • Flat Trajectory, Tungsten Bullet Coating: fixed the bugs due to which weapon range was not changed properly.


  • Voice chat icon is now positioned properly on the battle loading screen;
  • Icons in the battle results menu are now correctly colored.
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