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Bounty Hunt in-game event: rewards and conditions | Season two

On January 18, the Bounty Hunt in-game event will launch in Caliber. During the event you’ll be able to earn a reward for eliminating a character controlled by a 1C Game Studios employee.

The reward you’re fighting for includes Credits, an execution animation of your choice, a Headhunt emblem, three days of Premium and, of course, the glory of the sharpshooter. The bravest players may complete the special tasks and receive an additional reward in coins.

Please follow the news on our social media channels — we will post the targets’ nicknames there. Be the first one to eliminate them, send us the recording of the match and get the deserved rewards.


  1. Encounter a player that’s currently being hunted in one of these modes — Showdown, Hacking or Frontline.
  2. Eliminate the player within a single round. It’s important that both actions — the incapacitation and the execution — are performed by the same person.
  3. Send a replay of the match in a personal message to the Caliber’s community manager on Discord (BadBishop#1046).

The first player to send a replay with the elimination of the hunted developer will receive:

  1. A Headhunt emblem.
  2. 150,000 Credits.
  3. Three days of Premium.
  4. Any execution animation for an operator collection (excluding recruits). Please mind that the Au Revoir animation is not available.

For the most confident hunters we have prepared the special tasks, which make the goals more difficult to complete. If you eliminate and execute a target and complete one of the following tasks, you will receive an additional reward:

  • Eliminate a target with the Bleeding effect — 100 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with the Burning effect — 100 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target using a sidearm — 100 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target affected by the Invisible effect — 100 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target using a mine — 200 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target who is hiding behind a cover with the Piercing Shot ability of Komar the Marksman from the SSO collection — 200 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with the Poisoned effect — 400 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with the Dumdum Bullet ability of Archer the Marksman from the TFB collection — 400 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target by destroying a cover used by the target with the Foxhole ability of Zubr the Support from the SSO RB collection — 400 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target affected by the Jammer ability of Bishop the Support from the TFB collection — 400 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with the Ballistic Knife special gear of Busel the Marksman from the SSO RB — 500 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with fragments from the Fragmented Bullets ability of Vagabond the Marksman from the RAID collection — 500 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with the Throwing Axe special gear of Starkaðr the Assault from the AMF collection — 500 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with an explosion caused by the Electromagnetic Field Generator ability of Yíngzhōu the Support from the Jiaolong collection — 600 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target with the Reflect ability of Bastion the Support from the RAID collection — 600 Coins.
  • Eliminate a target by poisoning it with the Healing capsule ability of Karavai the Medic from the 22 SpN collection — 600 Coins.


Beginning of the hunt. The hunt begins when a target’s nickname is shown in the Discord channel (#bounty-hunting). Keep an eye on the list of the bounties as it gets new entries.

End of the hunt. The hunt ends when a post is made in the Caliber’s Discord server.

Bounty. The reward for eliminating the developer’s character will be given to the first person who sends a replay that meets the event’s rules. A breach in the Rules of Conduct seen in the replay will not only lead to just punishment, but will also end up in disqualification from the event. One player may complete several bounties and receive several rewards accordingly. Completing the tasks multiple times during a single match will not result in bigger rewards (you cannot incapacitate and execute a hunted player across three rounds and receive three rewards for it).


The Bounty Hunt event ends when the final target is eliminated.

See you all on the battlefield!

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