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Buff and Debuff Effects in Caliber

New players will encounter a great variety of gameplay mechanics: operators, their stats, weapons, special gear, abilities, etc. It is especially worth mentioning the buff and debuff effects that you will see during battles.

An effect is a temporary status an operator gets from Abilities, Upgrades, Skills, or Field Bonuses. The active effects are indicated by the icons above the operator’s lifebar.

Types of buff and debuff effects:

  • Positive — green icon.
  • Negative — red icon.
  • Immunity — gray icon.
  • Environment — blue icon. There is only one environmental effect at the time — the river on the Crossing map.
Most effects are applied instantly by pressing a key or work passively. However, some effects activate when a certain action is performed by a player.

For example, Kozsmar must fire several times to become invisible. After the first shot, the transparent effect icon appears. With each subsequent shot, it will become less and less transparent until the icon becomes completely green and the effects kicks in.

The maximum amount of active effects on one operator simultaneously is nine.

Basic effects

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