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Update 0.18.1: patch note

The 0.18.1 update has been released!

What’s new: the Defender of the Fatherland 2023 marathon, the Double XP event, return of the Annihilation mode with updated rules, an opportunity to purchase the Jiaolong operators for Credits and bug fixes.


Weekly objectives:

  • Now in order to reach the second stage, you have to complete fewer objectives. The number used to be 10, now it’s 5.
  • In order to finish all the stages, you have to complete 20 objectives instead of 30.
  • The majority of the objectives have been made less difficult.
  • There are six new objectives in the objective list.



Assault Volk
  • The Bellwether Epic Outfit has been added.


Medic Monk
  • The Injection ability: the activation sound has been changed.


Assault Sly

The Impersonation ability:

  • The unfriendly Matador the Support can no longer aim at the operator when her ability is active.
  • The Banner ability of the friendly Kit the Support now replenishes the operator’s stamina.
  • The operator can now receive healing from such Medics as Miguel and Bones.
  • The operator can no longer trigger the friendly mines.
  • Enemies can no longer impose positive effects on the operator.


Assault Sterling
  • The Annihilation mode: the operator no longer receives extra HP after self-reviving.


Assault Shàowèi
  • The Xigou special gear: the model’s visual issues that used to appear during shooting have been fixed.



The PvE version
  • Special Operation: the mission loading screen has been updated.
  • The mission no longer stops after the elimination of the bot near the laptop.


The PvE version
  • Special Operation: the mission loading screen has been updated.


  • The penalty for friendly fire is now displayed correctly. 
  • The penalty for friendly fire has been added to the battle statistics screen.
  • The player should receive invitations to join fireteams correctly.
  • The initial banner that is displayed during the game launch has the correct background now.
  • You can now take the rewards for completed objectives and stages after the objective list has been updated. If the player doesn’t take the rewards, they will be allocated automatically when the list is updated.
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