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Village: New Name and Changes in the PvE Version

In the 0.19.0 game version we are introducing a new PvE version of the Village map.

While redesigning the map, we have noticed that many players confuse the Karkhadian Village map with the Komarovo village from the Crossing map. That’s why we have decided to change the map’s name to avoid confusion and add some Eastern charm to it.

Al-Rabad — meaning "suburb" in Arabic — is a new name of the Village map.

Other changes include a new mission, a redesigned environment, improved level of detail, cutscenes and operator VO.


Al-Rabad is a small settlement located close to the capital. In the old days, it was known as the residence of the sheikhs, members of the Karkhad Council of Elders. Their estates and land were there as well. With the change of the political regime, Al-Rabad lost its significance.

The masters of the settlement, who lost their status and privileges, were slowly losing money and thus moving to more lucrative places. Over time, the settlement was abandoned. It would likely have been eroded by time and weather, but in the 21st century, an international charitable fund called PSYCH, known for its mission of preserving historical legacy, took interest in Al-Rabad. As a result, Karkhadian officials declared the territory of Al-Rabad closed "in order to preserve the cultural heritage."

When the civil war started, the abandoned settlement became even more forgotten. Thanks to the government informant, who collected data from Caravanserai, it is now known that the Al-Thurir extremists are using these ruins as a regional HQ and a training camp. The operation cost the informant his life, and if it wasn’t for the timely intervention of the Caliber operators, the data would have been lost forever.

Now, the operators can hit the terrorists where they live. But there is a catch. The status of cultural heritage forbids shelling or air striking Al-Rabad, and a powerful anti-aircraft defense grid makes the use of drones difficult.


The operators received information from the informant in the caravanserai that there is a terrorist base in Al-Rabad. Based on regional activity analysis, the main forces of Al-Thurir have left the base, leaving it vulnerable. This is the perfect moment to strike.

Government forces are preparing for an assault. However, Caliber command is worried about something else. When the operators arrived at the caravanserai, the informant was already dead.

Someone had set him up. Counterintelligence analysts believe that a high-ranking Karkhadian officers has been leaking information to the terrorists. If this is true, then attacking Al-Rabad would be only partially effective: the terrorists may be able to destroy any useful information.

To prevent this from happening, a Caliber group will go ahead of the main forces to begin the assault on the settlement. The group has to infiltrate the Al-Thurir HQ as fast as possible and retrieve the important data before the government forces arrive.



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