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New Assistance System: Teamwork

Helping your teammates is the fastest and most effective way to achieve victory. By pressing [TAB] during battle, you can see the performance of every teammate. This information can also be found on the battle statistics screen.

In version 0.19.0, the Assistance parameter will be changed so it will include more effective actions for players.

Revival is important

Having a good Medic in the team guarantees a smoother game. These operators have the most revival syringes. Reviving teammates was not previously acknowledged in the statistics. Now, it will be.

Sharing is caring

In Caliber, there are Special Gear and abilities that allow players to share useful items with teammates. In the new version, whenever you place something useful for your teammates and they use it, you will receive the Assistance Points.

Points can be earned for applying resistance effects to teammates. If you protect an operator from Burning, and after that they are attacked with fire, you will receive an Assistance Point.

Such reserves, Special Gear and abilities include:

  • Team reserves such as Ammo Boxes and Armor Plate Bags.
  • Shersheret's Ammunition Pouch.
  • Fortress' Incendiary Ammo.
  • Velour's Patch. Assistance Points are earned for receiving additional armor (colored in blue in the interface).
  • Schatz's First Aid. Assistance Points are earned whenever teammates successfully resist Bleeding and Poisoning.

Making your team stronger

Using Field Bonuses with positive effects for teammates in Onslaught mode will grant Assistance points if the positively influenced teammates eliminate enemies.

Survival Kit Field Bonus gives immunity to the Burning and Poisoning effects for all teammates. Assistance Points are earned whenever teammates successfully resist harmful effects.

Attention: enemy at 12 o’clock!

Did you know that by tapping the [C] key you can mark an enemy so their role icon will be seen through walls for a short time? Now, the use of this feature will also be acknowledged in the Assistance parameter.

If an enemy gets marked by several players, Assistance will be counted for everyone whose mark stays on the enemy for the last 4 seconds before they are eliminated.

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