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Item Rarity Levels in Caliber

Since the launch of the game, a wide variety of customization items have been added to Caliber: outfits, camos, emotes, executions, backgrounds and emblems. Some of them can be encountered more often than the others, while some are exclusive rewards given for completing events.

We have noticed that a lot of players were confused by the way rarity of items was measured. To solve this problem, we are introducing a new rarity system in version 0.19.0.

The rarity types | 0.19.0

There will be five types of rarity, each marked with its own color. This will help our players to understand the rarity of items they encounter in-game.

  1. Common — white.
  2. Uncommon — green.
  3. Rare — blue.
  4. Epic — purple.
  5. Legendary — orange.
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