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March 15 — April 5: Fog of War Event

Every week, from March 15 to April 5, the Fog of War event will be enabled in one of the predefined game modes. When the event is active, the usual version of the game mode will not be available as well as the dark versions of maps.

Fog of War will be featured in the following game modes:

  • March 15-22 — Onslaught: Veteran
  • March 22-29 — Frontline
  • March 29 — April 5 — Special Operation


During this event, enemies will lose all their markers: silhouettes, HP, applied effects, etc. To mark a bot or a player, one has to aim at them. When not being aimed at, enemies will lose their markers.

The same thing goes for allies. For example, to see your teammate’s health, one has to aim at them and look at the teammate sidebar. However, you will always be able to see role icons. If a teammate leaves the battle, you will see the respective mark.



During the event, whenever you complete the first three Daily Objective stages, you will receive a container with a Camo or Credits.

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