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Legendary Outfit Collection for SSO RB — Bodyguards

In the 0.20.0 update, we are going to introduce the first Legendary Outfits collection called Bodyguards for SSO RB.

The Special Operations Forces of Belarus is a high-mobility service arm which was formed on August 2, 2007. Its missions include various activities connected with strategic deterrence, including protection of VIPs from public, military and political spheres.


We wanted to present these operators in a different way and show them as specialists who are able to carry out their ops even in the concrete jungle of a big city.

Heavy military equipment would make operators more noticeable and less mobile. So, we wanted to give them more fitting outfits. That’s why the Bodyguards are dressed in civilian attire and equipped with weapons and accessories that allow them to protect VIPs efficiently.

We tried to show the features of each operator in their new outfits:

  • Reserved and secretive, Assault Lazootchick is dressed in a formal suit. He doesn’t like to stand out, he is always calm and reasonable, that’s why a cold black is his color.
  • Firm and persistent, Support Zubr is not concerned with his appearance. He is dressed more modestly, even his vest can be seen under the jacket. There are several things that are really important to him: utility, physical power and the ability to divert enemy’s fire.
  • Medic Kaval is known as a jack-of-all-trades who can always help his teammates. He always wears medical gloves and keeps his bag with medical supplies ready. He is not concerned with how smart he is dressed.
  • Marksman Busel, who is a very skilled stealth killer, doesn’t possess any significant features — he has to be unnoticeable and precise. In order to stay hidden in battles, he wears a scarf mask.


ASSAULT Lazootchick — TR-1 rifle

Based on the American classic AR-15 rifle. The liberal use of anodized aluminum and polymers allowed to reduce the mass of TR-1 to 2.9 kg, thus this model is presented as «ultra-light AR-15.» The weapon is known for its high-quality details, durability and the KeyMod system that allows attaching and detaching additional accessories fast.

Support Zubr — M240L machine gun

Based on the Belgian MAG general-purpose machine gun, the US M240 machine gun is very popular because of its durability and simplicity.

Operator Zubr in the Bodyguard Legendary Outfit utilizes a lightweight version of M240L with a folding stock. The weapon also features the titanium receiver and polymer trigger-guard group. The barrel was shortened by 10 cm, which improved its mobility and handling.

Medic Kaval — MPX K SMG

The main feature of MPX is its modularity: the easily replaceable stock and barrel and the multitude of accessories. The weapon is light, and its construction allows quickly changing its size, preserving its mobility and giving the operator an opportunity to keep it hidden under the clothes.

Marksman Busel — SRS sniper rifle

The American Stealth Recon Scout rifle is fairly compact thanks to the bull-pup system: with a 56 cm barrel, the total length is just 80 cm. SRS is outfitted with polymer stock and aluminum receiver, which reduce its mass. Busel has two scopes for SRS.


All Bodyguards operators are equipped with Conceal Carry Pistols. The pistol features a polymer frame, special slide with reduced recoil, and ergonomic safety and grip, which makes the weapon easy to use. Because of its size, the pistol is considered a concealed-carry weapon.


Assault Lazootchick — Havoc 37mm Launcher

A single-load 37mm grenade launcher is easy to use and can be attached to any Picatinny rail. This weapon boasts excellent build quality, especially in comparison with its welded and formed analogs.

Support Zubr — M18 Smoke Grenade

The US-made M18 smoke grenade is designed for the emergency creation of an impenetrable smokescreen. Such a barrier allows the squad to move safely and gives medics an opportunity to provide the necessary assistance to the allies even in the heat of battle.


Concealed-carry armor plate vest Covert Plate Carrier

Worn by Zubr, this American vest is made out of Cordura fabric and provides vast form-fitting possibilities. This tactical vest is meant for holding armor plates as well as other equipment, such as radio and ammunition pouches. In 2009, the US Army conducted testing of new lightweight vests which would replace the outdated IOTV. As a result, they chose this technology which later became popular all over the world.

Saber Advanced glasses

The Saber Advanced lenses, made from a durable polycarbonate alloy, protect eyes from various hazards and meet all requirements of MIL-PRF-31013 military ballistic standards. The glasses feature a shock absorbing soft brow bar that protects the operator’s brows. Practical and stylish, they are used in battles and movies alike.

Range Bag

Despite being small in size, the British Range Bag has big capacity. Apart from the main section, the bag has special panels for storing rifle and pistol ammo. Range Bag is the best choice for quickly accessing items in the heat of the fight

1495 Protector Laptop Case

Used for safe transportation of laptops, Case 1495 provides high durability and protection by utilizing adaptive foam. It’s also shock and vibration resistant.


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