Caliber is coming to Steam | News | Caliber is a team-based online game
Caliber is coming to Steam

Caliber is going to be on Steam!

The game’s page is already available, you can add Caliber to your wishlist.

Thanks to the popularity of one of the most prominent video game services and two new supported languages (Spanish and Portuguese), more players will be able to enjoy Caliber. In the Community Hub, you will be able to follow news, enter discussions, post and read manuals, share videos and screenshots.

And yes, there will be Achievements, a lot of them!

No worries — you will be able to link your Caliber account to your Steam account. Your progress and items are safe. The launcher and Steam version of the game will be the same.

The Steam release is scheduled for Q2 2023. We will share more details soon. Also, we will post answers to the most popular questions in the FAQ section of our web site.

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