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Common Cause: Single Strike — event rules and rewards

Greetings, operators!

From April 26 to May 17 (6 a.m. UTC), you’ll have to join forces and move the frontline together, step by step, to earn valuable rewards. We’re celebrating Victory Day with a Common Cause named Single Strike!

A Common Cause is similar to a Battle Pass, but progress is shared between all players. Everyone can contribute to each step of the event, and all the players taking part will earn a reward.

The event can be joined by player accounts level 11 or higher.

But remember, even though you’re in this together, the amount of effort you put in matters. This time, you can get additional rewards for your personal contribution to the Common Cause.


Winning battles will earn you Combat Merits, which count towards the common score of the whole community. Once a Common Cause milestone is reached, the frontline will move.

You’ll be able to see the frontline progress right on the map in the Common Cause screen.

To complete Single Strike, you have to take 13 steps. Just like in every combat objective, the difficulty of each step will vary.

One thing is certain: the deeper you go into the enemy territory, the fiercer resistance you will see.

However, we believe that our community, united by one goal, will complete all objectives!


At each Single Strike step, every operator will have a Personal Impact objective available. Complete it to get a well-deserved reward once you proceed to the next step.

You can claim your Personal Impact reward only after the community starts on the next Common Cause step together. At the last step, you just have to reach the milestone.

You’ll get access to more Personal Impact objectives as the community progresses through the steps. The maximum number of these objectives is 13.

Don’t forget to claim your rewards before May 24 (6 a.m. UTC) in the Common Cause screen, because they won’t get added to your account automatically.

You can start on Personal Impact objectives even if the Common Cause has progressed many steps ahead by the time you’ve joined the event.


Lots of things get you Combat Merits for winning battles, but the amount always differs. You can earn the most Combat Merits in the Storm and Onslaught: Legend modes.

Completing daily and weekly objectives, as well as contracts, will earn you Combat Merits as well. But that’s not the only extra objective reward.

You’ll get Envelopes for the first three daily objective stages, and all stages of the weekly objectives. These can be used to buy stuff in the event store, call in reinforcements, and launch fireworks at the HQ.

The rewards for completing a Special Operation objective also include additional Combat Merits and an Envelope.



You can get a Single Strike event booster to make the frontline move faster and speed up the progress of your Personal Impact objective.

There’ll be a special window for the booster at the HQ, where you can activate it before a battle or remove it if you want to save it. The booster can be bought from the event showcase for 13 Envelopes.


Another way to speed things up is calling in reinforcements! Request a Shelling, Airstrike, or Supply straight from the Common Cause screen. This will move along the community progress, and help you complete your Personal Impact objective faster.

  • Requesting a Shelling lets you fire a missile beyond the frontline. Contributes 50 Combat Merits to Common Cause progress and your Personal Impact objective. Cost: 10 Envelopes.
  • Requesting a Supply lets you deliver supplies into allied territory. Contributes 90 Combat Merits to Common Cause progress and your Personal Impact objective. Cost: 15 Envelopes.
  • Requesting an Airstrike lets you bomb enemy territory. Contributes 180 Combat Merits to Common Cause progress and your Personal Impact objective. Cost: 20 Envelopes.


All players taking part in the event will get rewards for reaching new steps on the frontline. There are 13 Single Strike and 13 Personal Impact rewards.


Push the frontline back together with the community to earn them all!


A special store will be open during the event, where you can spend your Envelopes or buy Envelopes with Coins.

You’ll also be able to buy Envelopes on the website. The amount is unlimited, and they also make for good gifts for your comrades.

1. Single Strike Container. Contains random holiday-themed customization items for your operator and account. There’s also a small chance of finding the Weapon of Victory HQ Background and the Standard-Bearer Epic Outfit in there. The chance will get progressively higher the more containers you open. Cost: 10 Envelopes.


2. 20 Envelopes. Can be used to buy goods in the event store, launch fireworks, and request reinforcements. Cost: 500 Coins.

3. Single Strike Event Booster. Provides +200% Combat Merits for a victory. Single use. Cost: 13 Envelopes.

You can buy these in the store until the maintenance on May 17.


It’s hard to imagine a Victory Day without celebratory fireworks.

So every player can launch one for the whole server to see! There will be three types to choose from: single-color, multicolor, and signature. When bought, all of these will be put in a shared queue to be launched. The signature fireworks are also accompanied with the name of the launching player.

  • Regular fireworks: 3 single-color salvos plus a greeting in the chat. Cost: 2 Envelopes or 25,000 Credits.
  • Multicolor fireworks: 13 multicolor salvos plus a greeting in the chat. Cost: 5 Envelopes.
  • Signature fireworks: 40 multicolor salvos plus a greeting on behalf of the player in the chat. Cost: 8 Envelopes.


On May 17, any Envelopes and Single Strike event boosters you haven’t spent will be automatically converted into Credits according to the table below.


Will I be able to complete a Personal Impact objective the moment the community gains access to it?

You will, but on condition that you have completed all the previous objectives. You cannot skip objectives.

You have to complete Personal Impact objectives one after another. To gain access to these objectives, players have to take new steps in Common Cause.

If I request reinforcements after completing a Personal Impact objective but without finishing a current Common Cause stage, will I receive Combat Merits for the next Personal Impact objective?

No. New objectives shall remain unavailable until the current Common Cause stage is finished. All the extra Combat Merits that you receive will be used to advance the Common Cause progress.

Will I receive rewards if I don’t take part in the event and enter the game after the active phase of the event has ended?

No. You can claim Common Cause rewards if you receive at least one Combat Merit. Please note that if you haven’t earned rewards during the active phase of the event, you will not be able to claim them. There will be no auto-rewarding.

  • Active phase of the event: April 26 — May 17 (06:00 UTC).
  • Additional period to claim rewards: May 17-24 (06:00 UTC). Available only to those players who took part in the active phase of the event.
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