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Storm mode

The Common Cause Single Strike event begins on April 26th, which will require the whole community to unite and move the frontline together. As part of this event we are unveiling Storm—a new thematic PvE mode—as well as a separate collection of characters for this mode.

The Soviet-American unit consists of the familiar classes with several special mechanics for combat preparations and matches. You might remember Assault and Marksman from the previous year, but this time we also created new Support and Medic characters specifically for Storm.

Storm mode will be available to players of level 11 and above, between April 26th and May 24th, before maintenance begins.


April 9th, 1945. The Allies are pushing into the heart of the Third Reich. Their progress is blocked by a line of powerful defenses covered with mines and AA artillery. A special operation has been devised to break through these defenses. Its success will determine the fate of the assault, as well as their chance to obtain important information about the secret German "weapon of vengeance."

Our troops have suffered heavy losses but are still pushing towards the enemy command bunker. Capturing it will collapse German defenses in this whole area. Our comrades will have to clear the road to the bunker, infiltrate and capture it.

The Allied forces are preparing artillery strikes in this sector. Communication with HQ is down. There might be a radio in the bunker that will let us contact the command. We have to reach the bunker while covering a friendly tank and completing side objectives, then clear the bunker and contact the HQ to cancel the shelling.


Only one squad called "Allies" can participate in Storm. This squad consists of two Red Army soldiers and two American soldiers. This squad is only available in Storm mode.


This squad features a number of unique mechanics:

  • The Allies squad will level up during combat. Each member has a Special Trait with 3 levels of upgrade. You will have to level up from scratch in every new match.
  • Each member has unique level-up conditions. Assault and Support can level up by eliminating enemies, while Marksman needs to land headshots. Medic’s Special Trait levels up when he heals his teammates.
  • Completing mission sub-objectives raises the operators’ Special Traits by 25%.
  • The squad members have different amounts of Stamina. Medic has the most, because he has to run around and heal his comrades a lot. Assault features the second largest amount of SP. He’s followed by the Support and Marksman.
  • Stamina recovery speed is increased by 8 SP/sec.
  • Every soldier can self-revive after being incapacitated. This requires using a Revival Kit.
  • Medic has 5 Revival Kits that he can spend on self-revive or on reviving his teammates. The rest have 1 Revival Kit each.

Upgrading Special Trait to the highest level will provide extra bonuses to Medic and Marksman. Medic’s ability will restore Stamina in addition to HP. Marksman will fire explosive bullets.

You can always check your fighters’ abilities in combat, by pressing [F1].


Only special reserves can be used in Storm.

Slot #1. Possible reserves:

  • Water Supply (5 pcs): restores 60 HP.
  • Spare Ammo (5 pcs): provides 150 ammo for your primary and secondary weapon.

Slot #2. Possible reserves:

  • Morphine (1 pcs): replenishes your Revival Kits.
  • Field Bonus (1 pcs): offers a random field bonus (Medkit, Survival Kit, Second Wind, Weapon modification or Special Gear Supply).

The number of reserves in each battle is fixed. But you have to choose between Water Supply and Spare Ammo for your 1st slot, and between Morphine and Field Bonus for your 2nd slot. You can change your choice before every battle.


Taking every new position will grant additional XP rewards at the end of combat. A victory will award 2400 XP and 55 Combat Merits.

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