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Items for Fragments, Army Surplus Container and New Website Compensation System


A number of customization items have been added to the game since Caliber was released. Normally, such items are distributed during game events, earned for various achievements and bought from the Store Showcase.

Currently, players see these items in the game, but they’re unable to purchase them. This is especially frustrating for new players.

We have decided to solve this problem.


In the next 0.20.2 version, players will be able to purchase the majority of operator and Account customization items for Fragments.

Fragments are a type of in-game currency that is credited to your Account as a compensation for receiving an item you already have. Now, Fragments can be earned from new Army Surplus containers.

Items that are earned for event participation as well as thematic or temporarily exclusive ones shall remain unavailable for purchasing.

Almost all the items that can be bought for Fragments can be found in Army Surplus containers.


Army Surplus container is a new type of containers that consists of three slots and may contain operator and Account customization elements up to the Epic quality. There is a small chance to receive Fragments from these containers.

Every time you open such a container, you increase your chance to receive an Epic Outfit from it.

Each container is unique: you will not receive items that you already have on your Account. When you get every possible item from these containers, you will start receiving compensations with Fragments.

The number of items that can be found in these containers will be increased regularly.


To get an Army Surplus container, you must have Account Level 2 or higher and complete a new objective.

It’s simple: complete the objective twice and get the reward. When the objective is assigned, you have 24 hours to win 5 battles. This will fill a half of the progress bar. When the timer runs out, the same objective will be assigned again. Repeat your success, fill the progress bar and receive a container as a reward.

This mechanic allows you to earn up to 3 containers per week.

Here’s an example.

Please note:

  • To get a reward, you have to complete the objective twice.
  • The objective is assigned every 24 hours.
  • The battle progress will be lost if you win less than 5 battles in a period of time designated by the objective. However, your objective progress will be saved.

Army Surplus containers can be bought in the in-game store. Each container costs 400 Coins.


Entities of our game have the main currency that defines them. Operators and their upgrades are bought for Credits. In the 0.20.2 version, you will be able to buy customization items for Fragments. Indeed, items can sometimes be purchased for Credits, just like upgrades can be purchased for Fragments, however, these opportunities are not the main purpose of these currencies.

Coins are the only universal currency that can be used for purchasing any types of game entities.

There have been cases when the compensation mechanism issued Coins for receiving items from the website that players already possessed: some players used this opportunity to purchase entities from the in-game store and receive discounted Coins for them while others bought Coins at a normal price.

We have decided to solve this issue. Now, if you’re using the website to purchase an operator that you already have on your Account, you will be compensated with Credits. The number of Credits will be equal to the price of the operator. Customization items will be compensated with Fragments. You can find the exchange rate from the table below. Some items such as Legendary and Epic Outfits as well as HQ backgrounds will have a better exchange rate when purchased via the website. The number of items that can be bought for Fragments in the game will be increased significantly.

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