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User Battles: Beta Testing

Hello, everyone!

With the release of the 0.21.0 update, the beta test for User Battle mode will begin.

User Battle is a customizable mode that allows parameters to be changed before the start of combat: you decide the composition of the teams, the preferred mode, and the map.

The main purpose of this new mechanic is to provide players with a comfortable way of conducting various competitive events.

At the initial stage of testing, we want to focus on players who wish to organize a tournament or any similar activity. So the ability to create User Battles will be provided to a limited number of players.

All players can — and are welcome to — participate in User Battles.

After testing and finetuning the new functions, we plan to extend the range of players able to create User Battles.


During the beta test period, access to the creation of User Battles is given out to Caliber partners participating in the referral programs, and to those players who wish to organize a tournament or any similar competitive event.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please click the button below.


A new User Battles tab will be available on the mode selection panel. If you have access, click on the Create button and you will be taken to the combat customization and preparations screen.

In this window, you can:

  • Set a password for entry.
  • Invite other players from your Caliber Friends list.
  • Restrict players from freely switching between team slots.
  • Remove a player or move them to another slot or team.
  • Choose a mode. Almost all of the currently available modes will be selectable, as well as the ranked version of Showdown mode.
  • Choose a map and the weather.
  • Occupy a player slot or stick with no team. It is possible to start a User Battle even when the creator is not part of any of the current teams.
  • Start the battle even if not all of the players have confirmed their readiness. It is not necessary to have fully occupied teams.

When the creator of the battle clicks the Start button, each player has to choose their class, then the battle preparation stage will begin.


You can participate in User Battles in several ways:

  • Using an ID. Enter the ID number on the User Battles tab, then press the Sign in button. The ID can be received from the creator of the battle or other participants.
  • Using an invite. The creator of the battle can invite you through their Caliber Friends list.


Which operators can I choose?

You can choose from the entire operator roster — even the ones you currently don’t have on your account. These operators will be at level 15 and use the standard upgrades, but will not have any skills.

Will I be able to customize the game modes?

No. The first iteration of User Battles will not allow game mode customization.

Will I receive any rewards?

No. User Battles do not grant any rewards and are not taken into consideration when completing objectives.

In order to analyze your performance in the latest battle, you will be able to see Ribbons on the battle statistics screen. However, these Ribbons will not bring you XP or influence the statistics of your Account.

Is there any penalty for deserting a battle?

No. You can leave the battle freely.

I sent a tournament application. When will I get a reply?

Application feedback is issued within seven working days from the day of submission.

What will happen if my fireteam commander creates a User Battle?

The entire fireteam gets taken to the battle preparation screen. If one of your team members creates their own battle, they will immediately leave the fireteam.

How do you plan to develop User Battles?

Right now, our main priority is to root out any possible bugs and decide how to improve the new functionality.

Nevertheless, Spectator Mode, which allows players to watch the battles as they unfold, is already in the works.

Who will gain access to the creation of User Battles in the future?

Each User Battle increases our servers’ workload. Thus, moving forward, access to the creation of User Battles will be paid.

Participation in such battles will always remain free.

Will it be possible to communicate with other players during the customization stage of User Battles?

Yes. Both the text and voice chats will be available.

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