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Isverden Archipelago: Polar Station map and Legion PMC

The new version 0.21.0 will have you travel north to participate in Caliber’s new Theater of War: Isverden Archipelago.

Isverden is a big yet sparsely populated country, located on the islands of the polar north. The climate is severe: temperatures rarely go above zero, and storms and tempests are frequent. It is dangerous to stray far from one’s camp — an unprepared traveler can get lost in the snowstorm or freeze to death.

Back in the day, the region was actively developed, and many buildings there are a reminder of those times. Now, after a long period of decline, Isverden is starting to flourish again.


The first map of the new Theater of War is a scientific complex built among the arctic snow. The station was used by scientists from international mining companies to run geological tests on a new mineral.

The tests have been labelled economically unfeasible, and so were suspended for a long time. But recently, they were resumed thanks to an anonymous private investor. The real reason for the resumption is unknown, but since the Legion PMC were hired to guard the station, a lot of money must be involved.



Initially, the Polar Station map will be available in three modes: Showdown, Annihilation, and the new mode, Threshold. We will discuss the later in a separate article.



The Isverden Archipelago is infamous for its severe climate. If you leave the station’s perimeter, the freezing cold will start to slowly kill you. The further your operator strays from the station, the faster they will lose HP.


The Legion private military company are the cream of the crop of mercenaries. Top-class professionals. They specialize in working in difficult climatic conditions — polar regions, jungles, deserts.

Legion only works for those who can pay generously. There are only two caveats. The first one — not everyone can afford the Legionnaires. Their steep price is a testament to their abilities. The second — Legion does not take on dirty work. Its’ members have a certain code of honor that they follow strictly — they don’t partake in police and punitive operations, and they don’t raise their weapons against civilians.

Legion uses only the best weapons and equipment, and relies not on numbers or density of fire, but on flexible tactics, well-coordinated communications, and the high individual skill of each fighter. Their uniform is strictly practical — camo patterns corresponding to the environment, no bright colors, minimal use of emblems and decal.


In the 0.21.0 update, the Legion bots can be encountered only on the Polar Station map in the Threshold mode. The specifications you see below are applicable only to Threshold.

The fighter is the main combat unit of Legion. In battle, they use the M4A1 assault rifle and L109A1 fragmentation grenades. They don’t have any unique abilities, but can spell trouble if you don’t pay attention and let them get in mid—close range.

The shooter boasts high accuracy and the ability to maintain distance. In battle, they fire in short bursts with the MK17 assault rifle, and use an under-barrel grenade launcher to slow down the enemy. The latter fires explosive fragmentation mines.

The mines stick to a surface on contact for 10 seconds, then detonate. If an enemy walks into the mine’s radius, it explodes after a short delay, deals up to 50 damage and prevents Sprinting.

The most mobile unit of Legion. They are armed with the MP5N sub-machine gun. In combat, they can disable the enemy with a flashbang grenade, then launch an assault.

A durable combatant and an active user of the MG4A3 rifle. In battle, they can sow chaos on the battlefield with their high rate of fire. They have low mobility because of the heavy weaponry they use, making them most vulnerable during reloading.

The Marksman is armed with an SR-25 self-loading sniper rifle. They may be slowed by firing in single-shot and the required convergence time, but their successful shots inflict Bleeding. And if you happen to get close to them, they will start firing their MP7A2 sub-machine gun.

These officers are able to apply the Inspired and Focus effects on their allies in a 10 meter radius around them. Thus, it is wise to eliminate them first, then go for the simpler enemies. They have respectable HP and Armor, and are armed with the Minimi machine gun.

The Medic can heal their allies in a large radius. They resort to direct combat only if an enemy gets too close to them. They prefer to hide and not get caught in the crossfire.

The most heavily armored and durable Legion unit. Upon detecting an enemy, they start firing their six-barreled M134 ‘Minigun’ machine gun, which inflicts the Suppressed effect on a hit. They also protect themselves by applying the Shielded effect.

Don’t try to fight them head-on. To successfully eliminate them, you have to work together with your team. This will drastically improve your chances at defeating such a formidable opponent.

An opponent that should be dealt with as soon as you spot them. You will know if they spot you first by the volley of shots from their handheld revolving grenade launcher. The damage from one of such shots is less than its Karkhad and Zalessky counterparts, but their rate of fire and area damage will surely get you moving.

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