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Threshold Mode: rules and nuances

Hi everyone! The new mode, Threshold, is coming to the game on July 19.

Threshold is a PvPvE mode for two teams of 4 players and bots. The goal of each team is to destroy the enemy HQ. The battle lasts up to 40 minutes (not including additional time) or until a team launches a missile strike.

The mode will be available to all players who have reached at least Account level 11.

Threshold is based on Frontline, but offers more opportunities, nuance and victory conditions.


Each team starts next to their HQ. The HQ plays a very important role.

First, if it’s destroyed, the team loses the game. Second, important bonuses will spawn around it as the team accrues points.

The enemy HQ can only be destroyed with a missile strike. However, each HQ is protected by an AA system which has to be taken down before the HQ can be bombed.

The area around the HQ is defended by an APC. The APC prevents opponents from getting close and will eliminate all enemies that enter its attack range. It’s very well protected and can’t be destroyed or deactivated.

Anti-air defenses

Both teams possess an AA system that prevents the enemy from bombing their HQ. The enemy’s anti-air defense has to be taken down! This is a key victory condition.

The AA system is a sturdy apparatus, so you’ll need a bomb to destroy it. To get a bomb, your team has to earn 2,000 points. Once unlocked, pick up the bomb at the HQ and head to the target.

Don’t worry about losing the bomb on the way: If you’re eliminated while carrying the bomb, it’ll self-destruct after a brief period and a new one will spawn at your HQ.

Once planted on the AA system, the bomb will take some time to go off. During that time, you’ll have to stop the enemy from defusing it.


Points can be earned by completing a series of objectives and eliminating enemies. Bonuses will spawn around your team’s HQ at 1,000 and 3,000 points.


Eliminating enemies is a reliable way to earn points for your team. Both bot and player eliminations will count.

The number of points awarded for incapacitating a player may vary. It depends on how many times that player has eliminated you and your allies before that. The more successful they’ve been, the more points you will earn for eliminating them.

With bots, it’s a bit different. The number of points awarded for eliminating a bot depends on its rarity.

But remember, good shooting alone won’t earn you a victory. The best course of action is to coordinate with your team and maximize any opportunities that present themselves.


There are several zones around the map that you can begin to capture by entering them. The more players there are in a zone, the faster they will capture it. The most effective way to capture zones is to place 2 players in each one.

Note: the enemy can reset your capture progress by entering the zone. However, in contrast to Frontline, you can safely leave the zone and your capture progress won’t be reset.

Why it’s important to capture zones:

  • You’ll earn 300 points for each captured area.
  • Capturing an area will clear out neutral bots, which attack both teams. Each capture will push the bot spawn location further from your HQ, weakening them.
  • Capturing all 3 zones will call in reinforcements: allied bots that will fight for your team. Whenever allied bots eliminate your enemies, they will earn points for your team.


Activating any of the Terminals placed on the map will award 150 points. A Terminal can be activated 300 seconds after its last activation.

The most challenging part of this is that, while activating a Terminal, you cannot move, and become an easy target for the enemy. Have a teammate around to cover you.


Intel is a target for quick fighters. Find the Intel on the map and deliver it to your HQ. There are 3 types of Intel: common, special and team.

Delivering Special Intel not only awards points, but also inflicts the Marked status on your enemies, which lasts for 1 minute. In contrast to other Intel types (which exist as a single instance on the map), Special Intel respawns 2 minutes after it’s been delivered to the HQ.


When reaching 1,000 and 3,000 points, your team will gain access to bonuses: increased Stamina gain around your HQ, and access to the Heavy Weapons Cache.

You can use the Cache to refill your special gear and Revival Kits.


During the match, you can meet 3 types of bots: eliminating them awards points and extra bonuses.


In Threshold Mode, players can respawn next to the HQ, if an allied Medic is unable or unwilling to revive them. With every minute that passes, the respawn time becomes longer, thus increasing the cost of each death.

Press and hold the [R] button to respawn. Don’t be in a hurry to respawn after being incapacitated. It’s possible your medic is nearby.

Once a medic respawns, their Revival Kits are replenished. If both teams are incapacitated at the same time, their medics will respawn instantly.

The APC is placed next to each HQ for a specific reason: to prevent situations where one team keeps eliminating enemies at their own spawn area.


If neither team manages to launch a missile strike before the timer runs out, victory will be awarded to the team that has destroyed the most AA systems. If both teams have destroyed the same number of AA systems, victory is awarded to the team that has earned the most points.

While fantastically unlikely, it’s possible that both teams have destroyed the same number of AA systems and have earned the same number of points.

In this case, the match time is extended. Respawning will be disabled, and the teams will continue playing until the first destruction of an AA system.

If neither team manages to complete this objective before the additional time runs out, victory will be awarded to the team whose operators are in better condition.


5 minutes after the beginning of the match, you can vote to surrender. If all of your teammates vote ‘Yes,’ you will be awarded a loss and the match will end.

We recommend that you do not abuse this feature. Threshold offers multiple mechanics, including some that can turn the tide of battle. One lucky elimination of a heavy enemy bot can significantly increase your odds of winning.


At first, Threshold will be available on 3 maps: Polar Station, Al-Malik Hotel and Palm Road.

The main points of interest are marked on the mini maps below.



The reward level is tied to the battle stages, as shown in the table below.


Here’s a short Threshold cheat sheet that omits all the nuanced details outlined above.

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