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The New Horizons Marathon: rules and features

An updated game marathon will be held in Caliber between July 19 and August 16. This is a time-limited event that all players with the Account Level 11 and higher can participate in.

There are two primary objectives in the marathon. One: Earn currency in all modes to make purchases at the Armory. Two: Play the new Threshold mode to raise your rating and compete for leaderboard positions.

The Marathon Armory will be open from July 19 to August 23.

The rating system of the New Horizons Marathon will only take into account your results in Threshold. Tokens can only be used to make purchases.

You can learn more about Threshold from this article.


During the New Horizons Marathon, two new temporary currency types will be added to the game: Tokens and Tickets.

  • Tokens are the primary event currency, they can be used to make purchases in the Armory. Tokens can be earned for victories in all modes except Prologue and Practice.
  • Tickets are a currency that multiply your Token earnings 5-fold. Tickets can be earned by completing daily and weekly objective stages, and also purchased with Coins at the Armory Showcase.


New Horizons Marathon Tokens can be earned by winning battles. Their number depends on the selected mode.

A Ticket will increase Tokens awarded for a victory by 5 times. If a player has at least one Ticket, it’ll be redeemed automatically after they win a battle, and multiply the player’s rewards.

If a player leaves the battle, they won’t earn Tokens regardless of the match results.


Tickets can be earned by completing daily and weekly objective stages, as well as Contracts, and can also be bought with Coins at the Armory.


Tokens and Tickets will automatically be converted to credits on August 23, after maintenance:


The main rewards of the New Horizons Marathon will be Beluga legendary outfits for GROM collection operators. Other goods will include a new HQ Background, an event container, and Credits.



  • Beluga Legendary Outfit for Assault Koszmar
  • Beluga Legendary Outfit for Support Prorok
  • Beluga Legendary Outfit for Medic Mikołaj
  • Beluga Legendary Outfit for Marksman Sztylet
  • Wiedenskaben Station HQ Background
  • Credits
  • Tickets

And, finally, a New Horizons Event Container. The container may provide customization items for your operators and account, both old and new thematic items specifically designed for this event.

New customization items:

  • Gray Ice Camo
  • Icy Wind Camo
  • Cool your jets Emote
  • Freezing Cold Emote
  • Ice Axe Execution
  • Silent Death Emblem
  • Umka Emblem

There’s a small chance to find an Epic Outfit in the container. This chance will increase with each container you open.

Epic Outfits:

  • Oxide for Medic Buggy
  • Idahar for Marksman Sultan
  • Elear for Assault Koszmar
  • Bully for Medic Watson
  • Jaeger for Marksman Kurt
  • Herald for Assault Voron

New Horizons Marathon Containers have duplicate protection. This means you will only receive customization items that you haven’t obtained before.


During the marathon, players will be able to earn rating points and enter leaderboards in Threshold Mode. You will earn rating points for eliminating the enemy AA system and for victories.

To earn a place in the leaderboards, you need to earn at least 500 rating points. The total number of places in the leaderboards is 1,000.


Upon reaching 100, 300 and 500 rating points, you will immediately receive the rewards listed in the table below.


You will have to compete for the main rating rewards. In this case, the results are evaluated at the end of the marathon, and the rewards issued immediately.

The higher you can climb and stay, the more you’ll get. For example, if you reach 3rd place, you will not only earn 400,000 Credits, but also receive all the rewards up to the 1,000th place.

If two players occupy the same place in the leaderboards by the end of the marathon (having earned the same number of points), the reward will be given to the one that reached their result first.

Reaching a place in the top 1,000, 100 or 10 will also earn you a unique event emblem:

  • Top-1,000 emblem: New Horizons: TOP 1,000
  • Top-100 emblem: New Horizons: TOP 100
  • Top-10 emblem: New Horizons: TOP 10
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