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Partial Gamepad Support

Partial gamepad support will be implemented with the release of the 0.21.1 update!

We have already prepared everything to comfortably implement gamepad use in battles—including controls, interface and Aim Assist.

Aim Assist will work for all modes except Ranked Battles. This function was done in such a way so as not to give players who choose to use it an advantage over players who don’t, or those playing with keyboard and mouse.

Caliber supports the following gamepads:

•  Xbox gamepads.

•  PlayStation gamepads: DualShock 4 and DualSense. The latter is only usable via USB cable.

•  Any gamepad compatible with Xinput.

Right now, the game menu is navigated using a virtual cursor, but full gamepad support will be added later.

You can bind gamepad buttons however you like in settings.



If you play Caliber via Steam, we recommend turning off the platform’s native controller integration. If it’s not turned off, your gamepad may not work correctly during gameplay.

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