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Palm Road: Changes to the PvP Version of the map

Hi everyone! The reworked Palm Road map will be released in version 0.21.1. In this article, we want to discuss some changes to the PvP version of the map.

We have carried out repairs on the footbridge, moved the covers around in various modes (as per tradition), opened the way through one of the central buildings, and prepared a map for Hacking Mode. The map will be available in Ranked Battles mode with the release of the update.



Our best specialists have gotten to work and fixed up the road bridge. Now, you will be able to go up from both ends. The new ascending route on the drugstore’s side will provide useful cover against Marksmen and add more variety, as it is now more convenient to use for both moving and taking an advantageous altitude position.

We have also added a window for firing from inside the drugstore itself.



New covers have also been added to the map. Their number and placement depend on the mode played. The Showdown Mode covers are shown in the example above.


We have also rebalanced the old covers in various modes.

For example, some of the destructible covers on the road in Frontline will be replaced by indestructible ones to avoid making the line too open.

The same goes for the Showdown mode.

Covers are an important map rebalancing tool. Just like with other maps, with the release of the renewed Palm Road, we will collect data on cover effectiveness and use it for further improvements.


The new interior premises will open inside one of the central buildings. These will be available in PvE modes, as well as Showdown and Hacking mode.



After these changes, Palm Road is going to make its Hacking Mode debut!

This mode was made with asymmetrical multiplayer in mind, so the offensive and defensive teams will have different covers. The defensive team gains access to the roof.


The installation areas will be placed in the dark alley and inside the drugstore.





Our work on this map doesn’t end here, either. We will continue to gather data and review your feedback to implement new changes.

See you on Palm Road!

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